From Panic to Peace

A lot of us know meditation reduces stress, offers clarity, and increases happiness.

But too often, we fault the busy mind for our lack of trying.

Yet, meditation can be easier than you think. Get started with my simple 3-step video guide.

Make peace of mind, acceptance, and joy your reality.

You will receive these 3 free videos to start your meditation practice, along with a weekly newsletter with Miracle Monday videos, articles, and guided meditations to help support you.

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  • Before coaching, I couldn’t see the big picture. There was so much going on I couldn’t see where my focus should be. Coaching gave me clarity and answers. I now know that even though things will happen, I will be strong enough, creative enough, and playful enough to handle it. But I needed to hear it over and over. It’s about trusting yourself. It was just words until I experienced it.

    Katherina W.

  • I feel like a new person ready to go out and help rather than stay focused on what I deemed to be “wrong” with me. You helped me connect to my Spirit, and for that, I am eternally grateful!

    Victoria G.

  • When I met with you today, Dawn, I was feeling overwhelmed. You listened to me and heard me and I am so grateful. You provided clear answers that calmed me. I felt so much better about making this big change in my life after talking to you! My anxiety level is much lower now and I am feeling bubbles of excitement, thanks to you! You are Awesome, Dawn! Much love to you and I thank you from my heart,

    Beverly Sebastian

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