• 3 Steps to When Plans Fall Apart

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    Most of us start out with an agenda for our day – the plan, the schedule, what we hope to accomplish and when. Though, just as often, those plans fall apart because of the unexpected phone call, broken appliance, or cancelled appointment. At first, we can feel jolted, as if we don’t know quite what to do now that what we thought was going to happen, isn’t. Our mind scrambles for what we can still get done or errands we can finish within this new timeframe – anything we can still “check off the list”. Sometimes this works, but other times it feels like a consolation prize. We may have accomplished a few things, but there wasn’t much living done in the process of all this doing. All motion, and no heart.

    I had every intention of writing yesterday. I made the space, booked my other appointments, and scheduled my time only to have it all fall apart with an unexpected email, canceled appointment (after I’d already arrived), and not enough time left to “sink into” my creativity.

    Fortunately, I applied something I learned that turned the day from ordinary into something extraordinary. I may not have gotten my plans done, but I was much more fulfilled and at peace with life. When I use this mindset, it opens up a space for something unexpected and possible. The reason being, the plans didn’t really fall apart – they fell away so something else could happen.

    It’s really a 3 step process we go through, but it allows us to become conscious of a Creative Force in our lives.

    As it turned out, the cancelled appointment enabled me to go to a friend and colleague’s gathering she was hosting. But because I was determined to use this time productively,  I forced myself to work on my writing instead, though my heart really wanted to go. Finally, after squeezing out a paragraph, I surrendered and asked, “Okay, God, what do you want me to do?” The answer was obvious, go to the party. As soon as I made this decision,  I felt a peace within myself. As it turned out, I laughed and connected with some wonderful ladies. But even more importantly, as the group left and I continued to stay, I discovered why I was there. The hostess was going through some difficult things in her life, much of which I could relate to because I’d gone through similar circumstances. We ended up talking and sharing, and I knew my presence was needed there more than being in front of a computer trying to write. That night, I received as much as I gave.

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    How do we open ourselves up to Spirit’s agenda?

    1)    Become willing to change plans and go along with the new agenda. This can take a little bit of time, depending on how attached we are to our “should’s” or “goals”.  Part of letting go is trusting Something bigger than us cares deeply for us and has a better idea of what we need or how we can help someone else. Knowing nothing can harm us, we let this Higher Power take the reins of the day. Nothing will be lost. Nothing will suffer, including us.

    2)     Ask your Higher Self, “What is it You want me to see or do here? What is Your will in this situation?”  With this, I start to become curious, like I’d just arrived at my own surprise birthday party and looking for clues to find the gift.

    3)    Pay attention to what your heart wants to do right then or what feels good and proceed to do it. You may find words of hope you need to hear, run into a person who needs to talk, or get information from someone for something you were praying about. Or you may just find some unexpected time to love yourself by doing something you enjoy.

    We may not always understand the purpose of fallen plans, but as long as we are creating a loving connection with our heart in those moments, then we know we have gained a deeper relationship with our Spirit. And that opens doors for living a life where love becomes the agenda.


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