• 5 Steps to Making the Right Decision

    “Acceptance does not require any action, but it will lead to action that is consistent with who you are when you are fully comfortable in your acceptance of who you are.”

    A Course of Love


    Another text, another email, and still no answer.

    I just hired someone to help with my business, someone whom, upon our initial meeting, seemed competent and professional. I could pass information on to them, and they could dish it up the way I wished it to be served!

    Well, that lasted 4 days.

    On the 5th day, they missed the deadline without a word. The 6th day, they emailed but with several errors in the work. No problem, just a few kinks, right?

    On the 7th day no word from them, nor any corrections made. The project was due the next day.

    I knew this was not how professionals ran their business. I raged at the incompetence. And yet, a part of me wanted to take the “higher road”, to see the God within them, to say, “maybe there’s a good reason”, and hope for a happy ending.

    But by 11:00pm, with still no word, that idea pretty much fizzled out. That night I wrestled between anger and guilt. I agonized over if the “loving person” would listen before slamming the door on someone.

    After more moral grappling, my boyfriend said, “Do you really want to try working with someone who’d put you through this stress?”

    Good point. Here I’d been struggling to be “the better person”, when in actuality, I was trying to live up to some version of a “better” person instead of a “what’s-best-for-me” person.

    There is no truth except your own feelings in the present moment. But until we can accept our own truth, without blaming ourselves or another, we won’t know what action to take because we’re trying to live up to someone else’s expectations or an ideal version of ourselves.

    When unsure of what decision is best, look to these guidelines:

    1. Without making the other person right or wrong, check in with how you are feeling about the situation.
    2. Accept your feelings in the moment as your truth because they are. There is no right answer, just the right-for-you answer right now.
    3. Decide what you value most for yourself and in your life.
    4. Act on those values. What brings you the greatest peace of mind? What makes you feel proud about yourself and your own self-worth? Don’t base your actions on someone else’s needs or expectations, including your own, base it on the fact this is who you are
    5. Allow yourself the freedom to accept that person, and love yourself where you are today.

    By the way, I terminated the partnership, and felt a sense of relief and joy as soon as I was true to my own feelings. I secretly thanked her for this gift.

    Funny how self-love leads to Self release.

    Watch the video: How to Know You’re Making the Right Decision


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