• 6 Signs Transition Is Coming

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    I knew it two days ago when anxiety began burbling up inside of me. I started thinking about what I did yesterday, whom I talked to, and what things were coming up. Sure, there were some decisions to be made, some bills to pay, some conversations that made me think, but nothing that needed solving or resolving right then.

    “Breathe. Let it be there, but don’t dance with it.” This is what I tell my clients and what I told myself once I realized nothing was really happening on the outside. But there were definite changes happening on the inside and my ego knew it!

    When inside anxieties are not a result of outside occurrences, change is on its way.  Here are a few tips to help calm you in the face of uncertainty as you wait for more to be revealed…

    1)    Sensitive people can feel the tides of change. Often times, people who are more sensitive may begin to feel change taking place on a vibrational level before they are consciously aware of what’s going on. For me, this translates into a feeling of anxiety before an awareness of something makes itself known. If you can’t attribute it directly to something needing your attention right now, then most likely something is brewing underneath.


    2)    You may begin to question the direction you’ve been heading. When you look back, can you see a change in your desires over the past few months? Did it feel like you were focused in one direction, then felt a need to shift or withdraw? Before entering a void, your desires will most likely begin to shift to allow the time and space for clarity. In the meantime, this can bring about great confusion and uncertainty. You may question what you want, your previous goals, or feel a desire to cease previous efforts. In Joseph Campbell’s, The Hero’s Journey, the first step is for a call out of the ordinary world. You must withdraw from the old for a new idea to form.


    3)    You will experience fear and uncertainty. When you withdraw your energy from what was, you are left without a current identity. To the spiritual Self, this is not a problem since It never identified Itself with these things to begin with. But to the human self, this withdrawal lends itself to feelings of fear of the future, confusion over what to do, and an unclear direction in which to go.  Don’t panic. The fact that you are experiencing this is an indication you are going in the right direction. A Course of Love reminds us, “I will wait for a new truth to be revealed to my heart”.  Breathe…



    4)    You will have the urge to DO something.  To regain some sense of stability and certainty, you will feel an urge to do something just to have a direction and purpose again. You may decide you must move forward in your business and want to purchase a product, or you may feel the need to push through a current project or start a new one. Be wary of false starts. If the motivation behind them is the need to feel in control of your life for fear of being stuck, you may be acting too soon. Hang on…


    5)    Wait for clarity. As you move through the void, trust there will be a moment of clarity. Your next step will be revealed to you and you will know it. You will sense on a deep level you’ve crossed a line – whether it be to a new career, desire, or belief. Part of you may still be afraid of how it will all turn out, but the majority of you will feel relief.


    6)    Resources will come. With clarity comes inspiration. Let the Universe bring you the next step. Feel on a deep level the joy that comes with knowing the desire of your heart. When a desire makes itself known to you, the resources to accompany it are already on their way. So relax and wait with eager anticipation how it will unfold for you effortlessly – one step at a time.

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