• Are You Forcing the Push or Following the Pull?

    Goals can be reached in two ways. One way is you think of something you want and begin to ask, how can I make that happen? This is called following the push. You are pushing for a solution, so your dream can manifest. This way often involves hours of figuring out, asking others, formulating a plan, and fitting it in to your already busy schedule. The motivation to have what you want now, however, enables you to push through the confusion, frustration, experimentation, going back to the drawing board, and trying again. If the result you wanted comes about, you proudly wipe your brow and say, “It was worth all the muscle and hard work!”

    The other way is following the pull. Rather than trying to create a path to what you want, you, instead, pay attention to what you feel like doing, what makes you feel light, what brings a sense of joy or excitement into your body. Or at the very least, what brings peace. This is called following the pull.

    When we follow the pull versus forcing the push, two things happen. One, we feel better! Feeling better relaxes us, allows new ideas to inspire us, and opens our heart to the joy of living without the grabbiness of getting.

    Secondly, we carry a different energy to whatever we are doing- the energy of joy. Joy is the highest vibration and cannot help but elevate your actions and their effects on the people and circumstances around you. When we follow this joy, and let go of forcing, circumstances come together in ways that feel, to us, miraculous. And when they do, we say, “Wow. Thank you, God! I feel so grateful, so humble, and so loved. I love my life!”

    It’s really quite simple- follow what feels good and be patient for the results.

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