• Bardo, The Place Between No Longer and Not Yet

    The Tibetan term bardo refers to the state in which an old reality has been lost. It is no longer available to us, but we have yet to step into a new one.

    Bardo is the time when an old pattern, behavior, or form in our life leaves. We were either ready for it to be gone, or it left of its own accord. Either way, we now stand at the threshold of uncertainty, not knowing what to expect.

    Bardo is a time of emptying. Whatever it was that seemed to bring us security – a job, a relationship, a behavior, a home – whatever it was, is no longer an option. And so, we open the door to an unknown guest, wondering who or what will arrive and when.

    During this raw, broken-open, waiting period, anxiety and insecurity often arise as old identities are lost. Empty space emerges like a frightening chasm dropping into nowhere.

    But as the saying goes, “nowhere”, is really, “now here”.

    If we can allow ourselves to just be in this unknown space without clinging to the old reality or forcing a new one into existence, we find ourselves on holy ground.

    Relieved of our duties to “be that” or “do this”, we meet our true authentic self- the one not tied to any identity at all.

    Here is the place where creation spontaneously emerges if we can learn to sit patiently with the discomfort.

    And when it does, what once seemed like destruction becomes Divine. No longer desiring a future moment, instead we stand humbled and in awe of this one. Present and alive.

    To the extent we can continue opening the door to welcome in the unknown moment again and again, is to the extent in which we are free. As we gain intimacy with the current ground in which we stand, we become a watchful participant to Creation’s unfoldment in our own lives.

    This time isn’t just about transitions, it’s about deeply knowing the You of today. Allow yourself to drop the labels, stop trying to figure life out, and be attentive to what’s here.

    If you can do that, you can learn to become a fascinated witness to your own life.

    “Be patient during this time and your new identity will emerge.”  A Course of Love

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