• Birthing the Idea of Benevolence;Trusting the Universe

    The difficult times we’ve lived through are not there to represent how hard life can be, but to show us the truth of our strength and our ability to know, “I’ll be okay.”

    Memories still surface of my own two by four experience on this path 14 years ago. My marriage was falling apart and my teaching job in Pennsylvania was coming to an end as my (then) husband and I prepared to move to South Carolina. Change washed away everything I had known like a storm. But for whatever reason, call it fear, call it desperation, call it hitting bottom, I clung to A Course in Miracles’ message. I dared to believe God’s will for me was happiness. I dared to let go and trust.

    “God is my Source and my supply and He provides for me through His own amazing channel.”

    I repeated this affirmation when I didn’t know if or how my marriage would make it. I repeated it when my new job kept me working from sunup to sundown. I repeated it when I thought I couldn’t take living this way for one more day. I repeated it to remind myself God is good without exception while I lived one day at a time, holding fast to the Truth.

    The difficult times are where we build our muscles of faith and trust. I didn’t have a plan, but I had a Power in me that knew the way; I only had to trust It completely.

    When we join with Source, we are not leading, we are following. And we’re not following a path of suffering – we are following a path to happiness. The most challenging part is to stop imagining the worse, and start trusting this moment as a pathway to our greater good.

    “There is no loss, only gain, under the laws of love.”

    A Course of Love

    Fast forward to today. I don’t recall any of the pain, but what I do recall are all the miracles that transpired during that time – the people, the words, the resources – all came exactly when I needed them. Today, I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have the home, the work, the relationship I have now. It didn’t come all at once, but it came because I dared to believe in what I couldn’t see but came to know. This is a benevolent universe here to love me.

    It begins with an inner thought – the thought we are loved and cared for by the One Power. Our willingness to live as if every experience is a gift from that Power, leading to our good, is what changes our outer world.

    “To experience what is and to acknowledge what is, one must be present, present as a human being. To experience what is and to acknowledge what is as being a gift of God is to be present as a divine being having a human experience.”

    A Course of Love

    It’s not easy to hold to the higher gradient and wait out the rough spots, but if we do, affirming God’s will for us is happiness and trusting in that goodness, we will experience a life better than we could imagine.


    Here’s more to remind you of what you already know to be true.

    Withdraw from the Battle

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