We think we have many problems causing us stress and overwhelm – the job, the relationship, the money, the kids, the career, the health, and the list goes on. But these are only symptoms to the real problem behind any overwhelm– we’ve disconnected from our true Power.

Peace, Power, and Miracles is a book about creating miracles in our lives by reconnecting back to our own sense of value and self-worth. By loving and accepting ourselves on all levels, we reconnect to the Powerful Source within.

This opens us up to a life of greater freedom, peace, compassion, joy, love, and abundance. A present mind and an open heart are the two facets necessary in experiencing a different reality.

From your peace, comes your Power, and from your Power, miracles arise.

Life has an intention for us. When we can connect to the Loving Life Force within by cultivating love and acceptance for ourselves, we connect to our intuition and Power. Following our heart, we co-create with Life, and in return, we receive a life of which we are worthy.

First, let me start by saying that one of my belated Mother’s Day gifts from my beautiful daughter Melissa was your remarkable & powerful book, Peace, Power and Miracles. Needless to say, your book is incredible, inspiring and very motivating to anyone who is looking for a more positive, healthier way of loving thyself and living an emotionally healthier lifestyle! After receiving her gift, I thought to myself, she honestly gave me the best Mother’s Day gifts. I felt blessed knowing that she gave me something so very personal which will definitely impact the rest of my life!

Pamela Bambrick

I remember when I first found this as an ebook almost a year ago. I was struggling emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to already know Dawn DeGregorio Petalino. I read this book and worked with Dawn through much of my cancer journey. As a result of both, my life has been so enriched. Your book came at the perfect time. It got me on the path I could deal with this diagnosis in a positive way. It changed my life.

Thank you Dawn! I highly recommend this book to anyone!

Shelly Peak

Real power doesn’t come from struggle and control. Real power comes from somewhere else.
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