• Bread Crumbs and Baby Steps

    Last week in This Writer’s Journey, I shared what I thought was a distraction was not really a distraction at all Oh, sure, it wasn’t all that fun! But looking for outside opinions to validate my own worth was not really going to allow me to take the risks I wanted to take or say what I wanted to say. Thanks Mr. Unavailable for the lesson. I think I got it this time. (Check it out in the FB group “This Week’s Distraction- A Man”).

    This week’s story is about acting on what you know and taking baby steps. Good old Emerson. He pretty much sums it up when he says, “A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave 5 minutes longer.” Here’s to hanging in for those 5 minutes -Cheers!  


    The Writer’s Journey

    Once getting past last week’s man lesson, I got myself back on track. Putting one foot in front of the other, I diligently continued to schedule interviews with various healers. I assumed I’d be capturing their stories and weaving them among my own transformational stages, creating this incredible book! Right? Wrong.

    As I sat last week interviewing an amazing woman and gifted healer, I felt my eyes growing heavier, followed by a strong desire to glance at my watch. It wasn’t her, I knew (a healer’s life is nothing if not fascinating). Nor had I been tired before our meeting. But suddenly the thought of doing this seven more times that had me wanting to curl up on my couch and numb out with Netflix. I didn’t want to interview.

    Now what! my mind screamed. What about the vision? What about meeting people and hearing their stories? What about all that, huh? Yeah, what about that?

    When you run into a dead end, go back to what you know before you lost the thread. So here’s what I knew.

    1. I started writing a book to help others through the growth process, using my own journey, back in January 2016. Looking back, that idea came on its own. The desire, motivation, and dare I say, fun, was its own reward. There was no pressure, I just wanted to explore and create. I only stopped when another opportunity came along.


    1. I have a repeated vision of traveling to small towns and running into locals while hearing their stories in the midst of meaningful conversation that annoyingly comes up every time depression takes a hold of me. And, yeah, really don’t want to go through that again.



    1. Part of me is terrified of actually doing #2 and traveling alone without an agenda, while a part of me is thrilled to play in that very same mystery.

    Here’s the thing.  I am now more afraid of not going than going. And maybe this is where “do it scared” comes in, when the fear of not doing the thing you want overrides the fear of doing it.

    Ok, baby steps. I began gathering information. Looking over “28 Phenomenal Places to Visit in the US”, I found Savannah listed and my stomach settled. A three and half hour drive from Charlotte. It might not be Maine, but something was better than nothing. I reminded myself, the Universe asks for my willingness, not for my perfection.  I decided to leave Friday, February 3rd and return Monday, February 6th. Who knows, I may even get invited to a Super Bowl party!

    Having made my decision, I mentioned to a client I might not be available that Friday. To which she replied, “That’s fine. I may have to cut back on sessions anyway due to an unexpected tax bill.” Oh boy.

    Now I feel tested. Do I make the journey or save money I may need? I’m taking this to the chair.


    “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

                                                                       Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Happy Trails,

    Dawn Petalino

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