• How Your Circumstances Can Bring You Clarity

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    An overloaded lifestyle is so common, we don’t even question it anymore. 

    I know what’s it like to juggle the work, the family, the finances, and the never ending list to keep life’s wheel turning. I’ve tried and failed. I’ve felt weary, fearful, discouraged, and disconnected.

    We spin out of control with our worry and to-do’s, and we can’t sleep. Our bodies hype up on adrenaline, and we overeat or drink a few glasses of wine just to relax. We long for Friday, then feel depressed when we realize it’s only Wednesday.

    But then I found out what it all really meant. It wasn’t the wheel that was running me over. It was my interpretation.

    I noticed my feelings and discovered something very valuable. I didn’t want to live this way.

    I know that doesn’t sound very positive, but seeing something as positive or negative is a human judgement, not a spiritual perspective. To the Higher Self within us, not wanting something opens the doors to what you do want.

    But how can that possibly be good? When I can’t sleep, the last thing I’m thinking is, this is fantastic!

    But here’s why. Life only shows us the places in our lives that are not serving us in order that we may become aware of we want we do want. The discomfort positions us to become willing.

    Once we become willing to change, we can now ask the Source inside us for what we need. Though be prepared, the answer may not come in the way or time you think. In fact, it most likely will not. When I asked for a reliable car to travel back and forth to PA, I did not think it would mean mine would break down completely and I’d be leasing a new car (completely reliable by the way!).

    Not ready for change? That’s okay. The Universe knows what you can and cannot handle right now. Therefore, what you need will come to you in a way that’s the kindest, least resistant path for you. Sometimes, that comes in small nudges, sometimes big ones. Trust it is the most loving thing for you right now, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

    When I wanted to get back into the work world after leaving a career and marriage in 2007 (a big nudge!), I took a job that felt confining and drained me. When I became willing to take action to leave, I miraculously was released of my year contract and quickly given the resources to open my own tutoring business successfully within three months. The Universe is always leading us toward what would be most fulfilling.

    So often, what gets us down is impatience. I’ve had things come quickly that I wasn’t all that attached to, like the last bottle of my favorite perfume on sale, and things I had to wait much longer for – like my home. Trust timing. Prior to the time of purchase, I wouldn’t have been emotionally or financially ready for it.

    So what’s the lesson here? If your conditions are showing you things you don’t like, it’s only to give clarity. Don’t be discouraged. It’s not a sign you’re doing something wrong, it’s a sign of what Life wants to give you. To want something and to think you can’t have it is hell. To want something and know God placed it in your heart because it’s there for you, is heaven.

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