• Consider It’s Happening Perfectly

    What if everything that came your way was Life’s way of watching out for you, guiding you, directing you on a path to your fullest and best self?

    If this were true, if we were to really live this way, then everything that crossed our path we’d begin to accept and say, “Yes” to. Not just to the great strappy wedge sandals  on sale, nor the happy run in with an old flame, or the weather cooperating for an outside event, but we’d also say “yes”  to the unexpected speeding ticket, the cancellation of a client, or the separation of a marriage. What if everything were orchestrated with the highest love and greatest experience in mind? What if we simply surrendered to Life?

    But what about the vision boards, the affirmations, the intentions, you ask? Wouldn’t we just be receiving a lot of junk because we didn’t clarify to the Universe what we really wanted? And yet, what would make more sense – that we would choose what we wanted, or that we allow the Creative Life Force that beats our hearts, pumps our blood, and breathes Life into us decide?

    I speak of commitment and trust in a Loving Universe, but even knowing that, it can feel scary to accept the things we do not like, as if acceptance meant these circumstances would stay this way. We’re afraid if we really just accepted what life was handing us, we’d end up with very little.  Or, is it like spiritual teacher and author, Michael Singer says, “Was it possible life has more to give us than we could ever take for ourselves?”

    If we are going to trust Spirit, our Spirit, and not our small, unenlightened self, then we must make the commitment to say, “Yes”. And perhaps, that is the only intention we need ever make.

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