• Don’t Plan Your Life, Receive It

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    Recently, I gave a talk on A Course in Miracles about planning our life versus receiving our life (sign up on the side bars for the replays) and it made me think how different my life is today as opposed to 15 years ago when I would plan my future.

    Back then, I worked very hard to control my life and the things in it. I had a good paying job that I did well in, a nice home, a small group of friends, and a marriage to a successful man. I thought as long as I could maintain this along with a healthy body, reasonable IRA, and good credit I would be safe, successful, and happy.

    Instead, what I was was anxious, worried, and weary from trying to keep up with all my shoulds and have to’s. And yet, the idea of letting go brought up a lot of fear. If I let go, would I become lazy? Would I lose what I had? Would nothing get done? Would life pass me by while others moved ahead?

    It took a crisis in my marriage and extreme burnout in my work to stop my warrior yelling self from charging forward, unwilling to give up my precious pursuits. I had tried and achieved everything I thought would make me happy and successful but only felt more let down than fulfilled. And any success without fulfillment is really failure.

    In 2006, I left my career, my marriage, and moved to Charlotte, without a plan for the first time in my life. I began practicing the principles I’d learned through 12 step programs and A Course In Miracles. I practiced trusting the Universe had a plan for my life, one I didn’t have to manage, control, or even know about.

    A Course in Miracles tells us, “You do not perceive your own best interests.” The Universe created you with an idea in mind for your life. If we do not interfere with this idea, we will find ourselves living in the flow.

    So for the next year, I prayed and meditated, asking only,” Thy will be done”, and acting on the impulses, images, and feelings I received. Small jobs literally came to me when I needed them. People came into my life who are still my closest friends today. Opportunities laid down before me to help me grow professionally and personally – WITHOUT ANY CONSCIOUS PLANNING ON MY OWN.

    It wasn’t always easy, mostly when I doubted myself or the beneficence of the Universe. But as I learned to let go and trust, a life unfolded before me, including a new profession. And for the first time I could remember, I loved my life and I felt free!

    It was only the beginning, but that year taught me Life Itself is intentional. It didn’t need me to set my intentions, only to release my control over what my life was supposed to be.

    Your heart is a direct communication line to your Source.  Learn to:

    1-    Ask to be used as Life would use you today

    2-    Act on inspired ideas and plan your day with self-care and love in mind – be open to changed plans

    3-    Surrender your agenda for specific outcomes

    4-    Be aware of being helpful wherever you are and in whatever you do

    If we can learn to live from love and trust, we will find ourselves enjoying a miraculous life!

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