• Experiencing Turbulence While Rising to a Higher Frequency

    In the field of quantum physics, they have a term they use when the energy is changing from one level of frequency to a higher level. It’s called turbulence.

    I love this term. It’s the exact same experience the birds have as they rise to the next airstream. They must experience some resistance as they move into smoother streams.

    And so it is with us. When there is something in our lives that is causing us pain, discomfort, depression, or frustration, we are experiencing the “turbulence.” We are all evolving, in this we have no choice. We can try to escape life for a while (and we all do – who has binged watched on Netflix in order to forget?), but we will always wake up where we left off.

    This could be depressing if you thought this were the end of the line. But the truth is -and if you think back, you’ll probably recall it – you wanted something in your life because you thought it would bring you joy. It was something that felt good to you, and you decided, “yes, I’d like to have more of that in my life.” The Universe heard the sincere desire of your heart (sincere desires always come from the heart, not the head), and It, too, said, “Yes.”

    What the Difficulties Mean

    Your Source is always leading you to a life of more freedom, more joy, more abundance. That’s why you felt the desire. So why after such an elated feeling of joy upon feeling the desire do you now experience difficulty or frustration in your life?

    We experience difficulties for two reasons:

    1. Old beliefs from the past come to the surface regarding this topic (awareness, ouch!).
    2. We can ask that these old, painful beliefs from the past, now made conscious, can be healed, replaced with truth – we are loved and worthy right now.

    And as we shed the person we were, we grow into the person who can now receive that job, that relationship, that health, that prosperity. We will let go of the old thoughts and beliefs that kept us from experiencing the joy that we always deserved.

    During the turbulence, we get clear about what we don’t want, so we know more of what we do want. We get clear about our commitment to ourselves and know where our boundaries lie. We get clear about the love the Universe has for us, and we learn to humbly receive without guilt. We get clear about our worth, and we know we are acceptable just as we are – no fixing required.

    Handling the Process While Raising Up

    Granted, this process is not usually pretty. It takes courage, faith, and trust in the benevolence of the Universe until the old, tight skin has shed, replaced by a newer, lighter one that allows more freedom and comfort.

    How to Maintain Sanity

    1. Recognize your discomfort. Name it if you can. You may think if someone or something just changed, you’d be happy. But remember, this is about you changing from the inside out. A new truth is making its way to the surface.
    2. Accept yourself as best you can. Just like a tired child gets cranky and cries and yells, so might you. Know your frustration lies in 2 opposing ideas grappling within – the old belief and the new. You may or may not be aware yet what they are, but knowing this is a process you’re going through can help you be a little more accepting of yourself.
    3. Ask God, Source, the Universe to heal the old so the new can be realized. And give thanks. Freedom and peace are on their way.
    4. Be gentle with yourself – practice Easy Does It while turbulence is happening. And be forgiving of others. They are helping with your realization after all.
    5. Find quiet time for yourself. Ask your soul what it deeply craves right now. Try to sum it up in one word: acceptance, peace, stillness, adventure, compassion. Whatever it is, recognize what deeper desire is calling to you.
    6. Try and find ways to give yourself what you discovered. It may be changing the hours you work, the people you hang out with, the activities you do in your free time, rearranging your schedule. Whatever it is, start giving it to yourself. This is commitment to yourself.
    7. Be patient. This too shall pass. Be grateful for what is coming.

    I have gone through this in relationships, in careers, in just accepting myself and my own needs. It’s only after I’ve been through the feeling of resentment, control, sadness, victimization, and finally, surrender and acceptance – usually, of myself – that the path, though not exactly clear, is easier. That’s usually when something shows up to validate my new growth.

    The resistance, or turbulence, has evened out. We rise to another level of love, of acceptance, and of worth. And when that happens, now you’re ready for the next level.

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