• Facing Decisions

    “God works better with a verb than a noun.” – Carolyn Myss
    I must have heard it at least three times this week from friends, coaching clients, and even from my own head, “What if I make the wrong decision?” It can be unnerving to feel we have to get it right, choose the correct path, or follow the right signs in order to have the Universe support us.
    That kind of pressure can freeze anyone in their tracks. And talk about stress and worry? No wonder we’re stressed if we feel there’s a right answer and a wrong answer, and we’re out of luck lest we choose the wrong one!
    What I know for sure in my life is the Universe, God, Life, is always acting on our behalf. We can’t do this wrong! Just when I’ve thought I screwed up for sure, that if only I had done it differently I wouldn’t be feeling this pain or be in this mess, grace steps in. A miraculous outcome transpires in spite of my myself!
     The truth is the Universe has a different agenda than we do, and going through certain experiences could, in fact, be the exact thing we need in order to get us moving in a different direction or give us the courage to change our ways.
    Any direction we take, Life is watching us, ready to help at a moment’s notice if we ask. The problem isn’t making the wrong choice, the problem is that if we don’t like the choice we made, we try to go about it on our own instead of asking for help.
    The Course in Miracle says we do not ask too much, we ask too little. If we ask, with any decision we are making, “God, I’m not sure what to do here. I’m making this choice, and it might not be the right one, but I am asking You to take this decision and its consequences and use it for Your purposes,” then we can be assured the outcome is in our best interest– not to punish us, but to get to the place we really want to be.


    And the bonus is if we forget to ask, we can always ask for help later. Here’s one of my prayers,
    “God, I think I made a mistake, but I don’t know another way to do this. Please help me. Take this and use it for Your purposes.  Amen.”
    Once we’ve asked, no matter what takes place, the Universe will use this situation for good. It wants to support us and love us. We don’t have to know the answers (and most likely won’t), we just need to know how to ask for help.
    Remember what the Course in Miracles states, “There are no order of difficulties in miracles.” (CIM p.1) And yes, even in this situation.

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