• Finding Flow Within Structure


    If you’re anything like me, your calendar is so jam packed; it’s hard to find any white space without something jutting up against your time, leaving very little wiggle room for “flow”. What is flow? Flow is the creative space we give ourselves to just be, to just “flow” with ideas, whims, or activities without a deadline. It’s the time we pull our pendulum back and come into balance.  

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    There’s so much information overloading us today, we are constantly filtering out what we need to focus on and what we don’t. The problem with this kind of sustained attention is it taxes our brains and wears us out.
    Remember how it felt to take an exam in school? For that hour or two, your brain was entirely focused on the test. And afterward, you felt depleted, barely able to formulate words! And yet, we are in this hyper state the majority of the day.
    So how can you return to a state of flow when life seems to be so much about structure?
    1) Recognize when you’ve been overfocusing and starting to feel drained.
    2) Take at least 5 minutes, if not right at that moment, then as soon as you are able, to focus on just your senses and your environment. If you can do this somewhere with nature (even a tree in a parking lot), you will be amazed at the rejuvenation you body experiences.
    3) Schedule – YES, schedule! – “flow” time into your day. Twenty to thirty minutes to wander a bookstore, peruse through magazines, or lie in the minute of your floor and move your body, or just dream.
    Our busy lives may not seem support time for flow, but once you decide to do it and make time for it, you’ll be surprised how the Universe will support giving you the space you need. 
    The Course in Miracles reminds us, “Resources follow commitment.” When we get serious about supporting ourselves, no matter how small, the Universe is quick to grant the ways and means. Here are a few resources to help:)
    Need more free tools? Click here to find your way back to serenity.
    If you’re  living in chronic overwhelm, worry, depletion, and guilt and don’t want to live like this any longer, find out how you can joyfully alter your life.  

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    Raise Up! Get Out of Overwhelm and Step Into More Confidence, Connection, and Joy in Your Life!
    Decide you want more out of life. Make the choice. No one else can do it for you.
    But you never have to do it alone.
    You are safe, you are loved, you are led – always!
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