• Finding Power in Your Circumstances


    During this holiday season, we often feel excitement for the gifts we give. We wrap up something special and anxiously drop it into curious hands, awaiting the others delight. This type of giving is wonderful, but it is only a glimmer of the real giving of which you are capable. The real “gift” you can give someone is the gift of Power or Truth.

    The gift of Truth changes life in a millisecond. It comes from looking beyond any circumstance and knowing only good (God) exists within it. It is knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that as a creation of the Creator, we were made from Love, therefore nothing but Good can exist – period. When you radically accept this truth as your own and know by universal law you cannot be separated from this Power of Good, you receive it. You see it in your circumstances, reflect it in your words, and know it in your heart.

    You might question, “how can I accept this when I have this illness, or my relationship is in trouble, or my children are suffering?” You accept the gift of Unlimited Power by affirming that Life can only love you, that there is good in everything because God is in everything. You trust beyond appearances to the Love you know exists as the only Power there is and affirm it in your heart.

    When my marriage fell apart and the foundation of my happiness began to crumble, I drew on Truth as a parched and dying man draws on water. I reminded myself through my many teachers that Love lives in me and gives only good. I cried and shook and worried and read until that truth sunk in. And with my little willingness to believe and receive that truth, miraculous people and situations came into my life. I felt love and gratitude as I trusted the Spirit within me to provide. I knew then true happiness, joy, and stability doesn’t come through attaining things in our lives. True happiness, joy, and stability comes from knowing we are one with the Power of Love Itself. Lack and limitation cannot be possible.

    This doesn’t mean we won’t feel sadness, anger, and heartbreak. But how we hold these emotions does matter. As giver and receiver, you hold your own heart with compassion, with love, and with understanding as any parent would a child. That child may be upset and cry many tears, but the mother continues to rock her and tell her it will be alright. That’s giving and receiving love within yourself.

    And when we do, something amazing happens. The tears eventually pass and our hearts stay open. We feel accepted and nurtured. We naturally reconnect to our Power because we made space for the presence of Love.

    Love yourself this season and affirm that Life loves you and can only love you because you were created from Love Itself. Look beyond appearances. Know good doesn’t exist someday, it exists NOW. Be willing to receive this Powerful Truth yourself, and your life will reflect the safety, joy, and abundance that is your divine right as a creation of God.

    This holiday, give yourself the gift of Truth so others can see what’s possible.


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