• Finding Your Home

    Whether  your idea of peace is being at the beach or in the woods, the idea of sitting in solitude is refreshing to most of us.


    Until you do.

    Because no matter what place you choose, to really be there, you must be able to be with yourself.

    It’s easy to sit in silence and appreciate the beauty of the trees, the birds singing. Then your mind starts to wander to what you’ll do this day, who’ll you will see that evening, or fantasizing about the future.

    But to sit with Silence, as though Silence were a guest we invited over for a cup of morning coffee, is a bit daunting, if not down right scary, for most of us.

    The reason being, many of us will say we long for solitude- to get away from it all. And that would be true. In our western world that applauds accomplishments and measures success on how busy we are, silence is golden!

    However, sitting with silence means sitting with the Unknown. What often meets us first are our worries, our fears, our projections in the future, or our replays of the past. To really put all those aside and be with silence, means being present for ourselves.

    “What’s in there? Who am I? What do I want in this life? In this day?”

    Peel away even some of those questions, and now you have, ”Oh, it’s just me, here, sitting on this porch.”  And now what comes up?

    At first, it may be fear. Fear of our own aloneness. Fear of an emptiness inside us all. Keep sitting. Keep listening to the wind, the leaves, the birds. Be curious what Silence wants to say to you. Be brave. Notice how the mind will want to pull you away with an urgent task, a desire for food, or the idea, “this is a waste of time.”

    And still be courageous enough to sit… and see.

    Sink down past the fear in your chest to the solid place in your gut. Notice the sensations in your body- AND BREATHE.


    Notice again the leaves blowing, the sun shining, and then come back to the gut. Close your eyes if you need to.

    Get comfortable with Silence. Make friends with it. It may be someone or something you’ve never met before. So introduce yourself- don’t be surprised if you “hear” or sense something back.

    Keep your focus on the expansiveness in your lower torso, that solid place. Notice as you focus on the sensation in your lower belly that you start to get used to the strength you feel there. Your breathing deepens.

    Sitting with silence is like getting comfortable with a new piece of furniture. You have to adjust you head, your back, or your hips. You may need to reposition your legs. But after a while, it starts to become familiar. It begins to mold itself to your back and torso, creating an imprint to your exact specifications. You feel comfortable now, even at home in it.

    Silence is the same way. It comes in peace. It comes in love. It is your friend.

    But more than that. It is your home.

    I invite you to leave a reply and share your own experiences with Silence. Help encourage others to face the unknown and to feel they are not alone…