• Free Serenity Tool – Gaining Ground in Reality

    Many of us say we like surprises, but only the ones we expect.

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    I awoke Sunday morning to a voicemail that sent my nervous system into a tailspin. The information I received made me feel uncertain about a particular relationship and what I would do.
    This unexpected announcement touched the fear within me. I could feel my heart pound, my breathing go shallow, and my mind start to question this person, what my boundaries were, what felt safe. But it didn’t stop there. Suddenly, I was one month, two months, six months into the future wondering how I’d manage if I had to move again, where I would go, and the money it would take to do so.
    I felt frozen in fear.  At that time I was listening to an audio book by Tama Kieves, Inspired and Unstoppable. I said a prayer, asking God to show me how to see this.  Shortly after, Tama began telling about her leap of faith risk of leaving her job for a dream, her struggles and fears with money, and the unexpected expense from a parking ticket.  She went on to describe the spiral of fears her mind spun out – why don’t I have a savings, why did I leave my steady paying job, how am I going to make it?
    Then reality kicked in. Did she have $15 for the parking ticket? Yes. Then she has enough for today.
    And that’s the gift of reality. It’s always so much kinder than our mind would imagine. The truth is when we look at our circumstances and what we need to have today, we can usually handle that. It’s trying to figure out the tomorrows that fling us into future fears of what will become of us.
    But the truth is we don’t have to know the future, in fact, we can’t know! We only have the information we have today, and that’s all we are being asked to work with.
    When we stay in the reality of today versus the imagined one we dream up ( 90% of which we never experience), we’re okay. We can handle what we’ve got and have what we need.
    Grounding ourselves in reality puts us back into our bodies, back into the present, and back into our adult selves that can make good decisions and choices based on what we have right now. It does no good to try and figure out tomorrow or worry about what ifs.
    When life gives you the unexpected:
    • Give yourself a minute to calm your nervous system
    • Look at the facts you have today ONLY
    • Notice you’re okay
    • Now stay there and do what’s in front of you now
    Stay in the present where your Higher Power is and you are never alone.
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    Don’t wait to get more out of life. We get this one chance to live it. Make the choice.
    No one else can do it for you.
    But you don’t have to do it alone.

    You are safe, you are loved, you are led – always!

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