• From Stress to Serenity


    You’re going along fine, you know what you need to get done today and you have your agenda. You feel pretty good in fact. Then your child gets sick, you get an email about an unpaid bill, or you have an argument with a family member.   
    The worry and anxiety start. You look at your watch and feel the pressure of time as your mind begins mentally reworking your schedule trying to fix whatever problem has just blown your way, in addition to the other things you need to do.
    Where you once felt in control, you now feel worn out.
    Where you once felt serene, you now feel overwhelmed.
    Where you were once smiling with contentment, you’re now frowning with worry.
    It’s so easy to do and happens to us so quickly. Something unexpected comes into our day and we’re thrown into anxiety, suddenly overwhelmed. 
    To come back to Earth, right then, in that moment, S-L-O-W down. It sounds counter intuitive, but your first job is to calm your nervous system. That’s it.  Clear thinking comes from a calm mind. Breathe in and really focus on your breath filling up your belly. Take several deep breathes and know when your nervous system relaxes, better ideas naturally arise from the wiser part of you.
    Your Higher Intelligence can handle any situation. Your job is to get there. So breathe. Pause. Smile (yes, smile!), and notice you’re okay right now.
    Living in anxiety and overwhelm is not living. I lived this way for years and now am dedicated to helping you feel stronger, more capable, and relaxed in your life. You deserve to enjoy the life you have.
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    Joyful woman postcard imageRaise Up! Get Out of Overwhelm and Step Into More Confidence, Connection, and Joy in Your Life!  
    Decide you want more out of life. Make the choice. No one else can do it for you.
    But you never have to do it alone.
    You are safe, you are loved, you are led – always!
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