• Getting More Done with Less Effort

    “When you are experiencing something that doesn’t feel good or lessens your energy, it is a sign from your Higher Self that you are out of alignment with your Spirit and the love inside of you. And when you notice yourself lighting up or feeling expansive or empowered, that is a sign you are in alignment with the Love inside of you and seeing the world from Its perspective.”

                                                                                           – Peace, Power, and Miracles                      

    I woke up Wednesday morning overwhelmed by my list of things to do, and not just for that day, but for the next several days. I need a break, I thought. With none in sight, I dragged myself out of bed, wondering where I’d get the energy without becoming a neurotic mess.

    If you haven’t heard me say it before, here it is again. Starting the day with meditation can make the difference between a merely productive one or a cosmically powerful one.

    At 8:00am, I plopped my bottom in the chair and closed my eyes. My thoughts drifted to Saturday.

    The idea behind a Saturday, or any day you consider “a day off”, is having little or no structure in it. You feel excited for the unexpected, eager for the things you feel like doing.  You flow more with what comes.

    But why wait till Saturday? This thought flashed in my head out of nowhere. The next thing I knew, all the energy and pleasure I felt for Saturdays came pouring into my body. Immediately, I looked at the clock and decided to rearrange my day with “want to” as its focus. This meant I blocked out time to sip a Starbucks in the sun and write.

    Did this mean I didn’t go to the gym, meet a few clients, or turn in my final tax form? No. I did all those things. I just did them so the greatest amount of time and the best part of my day were dedicated to what I wanted to be doing. Miraculously, the level of energy that ensued as a result of this decision enabled me to do all the things on my list with more enthusiasm and more ease.

    I can’t really take credit though – the idea wasn’t mine.

    “What you think imprisons you, may not be what imprisons you at all. What you think is what imprisons you….Although thinking does not serve you, you do have, right now, and have always had, true thoughts that come to you from your Self, the Self joined in unity.”

                                                                                             A Course of Love


    A list is mental. It’s a construct created to check off tasks. A list limits us to logic and production – two things that drain a woman’s feminine energy. Lists make the number of tasks more important than how we feel. In other words, it leaves us out of the equation. Driving myself doesn’t make me a better person, only a resentful one.

    A lists, itself, doesn’t need to deplete us. We just have to decide what our soul wants to experience this day, and put that on the list.

    I could create a day dictated by my joy, or by my thinking.  I had a choice.

    What will you choose?



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