• Giving Thanks When Fear is Present


    Given the current political climate of our world, many people are experiencing a tidal wave of emotions from anger to grief to fear. They fear a tearing down of the progress made and a global separation arising. They wonder how their jobs, families, and environment will be affected by this election. They are fearful of a future seemingly built on judgement and fear.

    If you did not know spring was on the horizon, you may fear the death of winter. What seems like an ending, whether it’s personal or global, is really the beginning of a new paradigm.  Paradoxically, when you most feel afraid, it is the time to love more.

    Energetically, we are all one. We come from one Source of Power and that power is Love. With every word we speak, every action we take, every judgement we hold in our thoughts toward others or ourselves, we are contributing to the world, personally and collectively. When we use our words to harm, our actions to condemn, or our thoughts to judge, we give Fear the winning edge.

    But hate cannot negate hate, only love can do that. Likewise, when you consciously choose kinder words, more loving actions, or offer a prayer and compassion instead of judgement, you tip the scales on the side of Love.

    Some might argue calling someone an idiot in traffic is not that big of a deal, but the truth is it is a very big deal. Our energy feeds the larger collective energy and what we see. But what we feed it, is up to us.

    If we make a judgement or see someone acting unkindly, we change the energy by refusing to label them based on their actions. If their actions are out of line and cruel, we do not need to ignore or condone them, but nor do we need to feed hate with more hate. Instead, we say a prayer for peace and ask God to help us see this differently. When we ask, we will receive an answer. Maybe not right away, but it will come. 

    If it is we who have acted unkindly, we can restore the energy by making amends, either aloud or within our own hearts. “I’m sorry. That was not my highest self. May you be at peace. May you feel love.” No one knows what someone else needs to go through on their way back to opening their own hearts to love.

    And these amends apply as much to the judgements and actions we hold against ourselves as toward others. YOU are part of me, and I you. You cannot be kind to others and not to yourself without affecting the collective

    With these new eyes, a new world will appear before us. We will begin to see kindness where before we saw only cruelty, generosity where before we saw only greed, and compassion where before we saw judgement. The practice is to consciously become that which you wish to see. This is true in our individual lives as well as the collective one.

    But don’t wait for a crisis before you decide to act lovingly. Why wait for regret? Instead, pay attention to your small everyday choices – how you drive in traffic, whether you bother to say hi or open a door, and if you offer a kind word even if you feel rushed.

    If we are one, and we are, then if we want to experience a world of harmony and love, it is up to us to be that If we are one, and we are, then if we want to experience a world of harmony and love, it is up to us to become harmony and love. Give thanks for the changes taking place. It is offering us a chance to live from our hearts.


    What small action will you take today to change the life you experience on this planet, now and in the future?

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