• Giving Up Your Problems

    Though we complain about the problems in our lives, many of us would be loath to actually give them up. Why? Who wouldn’t want to be happy, living a life without problems? Aren’t we all desiring to live a more effortless life?


    In theory, yes. But the reality is in order to accept happiness, we have to be willing to give up the obsessive problem solving consuming our minds. You would think we’d want to do this, that it would be a relief! But in reality, there’s a very good reason why we don’t.

    The truth is, if we gave up our problems, it would leave a very big gap in many of our lives. If we weren’t focusing on how to pay our bills, making ourselves or someone else feel better, making our businesses grow and gain more clients, or finding our next partner or fixing the one we have, what would we do with our time? What would we actually think about? And maybe even more important, how would these problems get solved if we weren’t ruminating about them?

    It would, indeed, feel irresponsible to just stop thinking about the issues in our lives if we were actually responsible for correcting them. Now at this point, you may be asking, “But aren’t I supposed to be responsible for my own life? Who’s going to fix these issues if I don’t?”

    Well, you’re right. You are responsible, but you’re responsible for only one thing.

    You are responsible for remembering the Source that created you lives in you and is as much a part of you as your very blood. AND this Source is always ready to take over when you become willing to let go of control and worry.

    Your birthright is peace, joy, and grace.

    A Course of Love tells us our ability to exist in the here and now in acceptance and without fear is to replace control with grace.

    Accepting safety and peace as your birthright means knowing nothing outside of you can harm you. But to really believe this and give up your problems involves a leap of faith that this God exists. You’re asked to trust there is a beneficent, loving Power that cares about you, your future, and your safety.

    When I left my marriage, teaching, and moved to Charlotte, I had no idea where I would live. I decided to look into a room for rent advertised at the Unity church I’d visited. I’d never lived in someone else’s house, but it was all I could afford to do back then. I pulled up beside a small house with chipped paint and overgrown grass. Slowly, I climbed the crooked stone steps and knocked. A young girl about my age in yoga pants and fresh scrubbed cheeks answered the door.

    “I’m here about the room?” I asked, wondering if this were the right place.

    “Come in!” she smiled. And for the next hour, she showed me what would become a much needed sanctuary over the next year. We talked and laughed while sun shone in the windows and sandlewood burned in the living room. I left there in tears of gratitude.  It was the first time I really let go of everything in my life, and though I believed in a Higher Power, I was surprised to find a soft, loving place to land.

    When we let go of staring at our problems, we’ll feel a wave of fear followed by relief. At first we won’t know what to do. But eventually, our minds will begin to look at other things around us with curiosity and a sense of timelessness– the checkout person at the grocery store, a person walking their dog, a candle burning in our home.

    Some call this being present, but I call it listening because we’re more apt to hear our quiet, inner voice when the controlling mind is still. We release the past and present, so our weary minds can rest in the present with no thought of tomorrow.

    This is where our safety and peace lie, and this is where Creation lives. If there’s something to say or do, the idea will come to you in the present with peace and certainty. Letting go, let’s God in. And giving up our problems means accepting there are no problems in God’s world. Whatever appears to threaten us, doesn’t exist in a world of Love, a world where we are loved and protected.

    To begin to live this way, is to live in God’s world. Try it. Take the risk. Give up your problems. Give up fear and control. You’ll find the only risk you ever took was in making the decision to allow yourself the gift of happiness.


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