• Good is Your Inheritance

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    How often do we wonder what our next step should be, if we’re doing the right thing, or what the best decision to make at this time is? If you’re like me, a lot.

    It’s a rare moment we just relax with life, trusting the next step will be there as we go about our business of living day to day. No, our little minds love to solve problems, and as long as we see something as a problem, off to work it goes. It focuses, ruminates, and tries to figure out. Unfortunately, the mind was never qualified to do this job.

    I was talking with a client this morning about trusting Life. Trust is looking beyond any seeming chaos and knowing something good is coming, even when we can’t see it. When it looks like things are falling apart, that’s really the Universe rearranging the conditions of your life so greater good can enter. That’s how loved you are.

    But when situations are hard, when our spirit is low, when things look hopeless, we must rely on this truth of what we know over the conditions of how we feel.

    This is faith. Faith is not something you have, it’s something you practice –everyday. Faith is trusting in a Loving Power, a Higher Will, a greater plan. It’s knowing that what is coming from the chaos will free us in ways we can’t imagine.

    Faith is also acknowledging we are indeed loved. For many of us, this is the greatest leap of all – the radical belief we are loved and worthy of good things in our lives.

    From that leap, from that small willingness to believe you are loved, comes the next step. The willingness to believe you are cared for. That you are meant to be, do, and experience things that bring you joy, and in turn, will help others.  

    A Course in Miracles tells us we are an idea in the mind of God, and it is this idea we are meant to express. You are an expression of Love in form, and only this expression will fulfill you.

    Nothing can hold back what would make us truly happy because nothing is greater than the unlimited Power that lives within us. Trusting this Power is where your true safety lies.

    What do you do when you are frightened by circumstances or feelings of discouragement in your life?

    • You must accept you are loved.
    • You must accept you are cared for.
    • You thank God for the mess and watch and wait. You practice your faith.

    In my experience, God’s will for us doesn’t follow any particular pattern or plan placed in perfect cutout pictures on my vision board. In fact, it seems to fall out of the sky, come out of nowhere, or hit me like a baseball between the eyes, unexpected with the wind knocked out of me.

    Take my home. I love my home but grew discouraged about being able to financially upgrade the bathroom. It still proudly displayed old flowered wallpaper and lighting from the 80’s. But a small idea wiggled its way in that said I could at least take down the wallpaper and paint it. That much was manageable.

    Interestingly, shortly after that a friend (and handyman) came to see me for a healing and offered to redo my bathroom at a huge discount. Of course, I had to be willing to accept his generosity and do the foot work gathering supplies, but good grew out of my discontent.

    And that’s how guidance comes – beginning with our discontent and showing up one manageable step at a time.

    And when it does, remember this:

    • First things first. Just do the next thing in front of you.
    • Stay present. You can look at what’s happening, but don’t stare. In other words, don’t try to figure it out. Be with what’s unfolding before you.
    • Trust in the Unlimited Power that created you. Hold back your judgement and know only good is coming from this.

    “The means on which you can depend for miracles has been provided for you. God’s Son can make no needs His Father will not meet, if he but turn to Him ever so little.”

    A Course in Miracles

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