• Guidance Will Never Demand Sacrifice

    making a decision

    In making decisions, many of my clients are paralyzed by the thought of making the wrong choice. I, too, have fallen into this trap many times! It was as if, with the wrong choice, bad things will befall us, and the Universe would have surely given us good things had we only chosen differently!

    This is really about is love. We are afraid we are unworthy of the love and approval of the Universe, right now, just as we are, doing what we are doing. So we assume, we must follow a set of rules in order to be rewarded. That somehow we’ll lose out if we don’t.

    This kind of thinking can only cause us harm. It makes us feel worse about ourselves and fearful of our future.

    The truth is, you are never alone. This means is no matter what choice you make, there’s not a right one or a wrong one. In either case, you will learn more about you and want you want. You will never be left alone and unsupported – not just spiritually, but materially as well. God isn’t keeping score and neither should you.

    Once we make a sincere request for help, Source will step in before the last word leaves our breath. The Universe will enter at our smallest invitation. A willing heart and open mind are all that are needed.

    If we are trying to make a decision, notice what choice feels most peaceful, what grounds you, or what brings relief. If you are unsure, gather more information. Don’t be afraid to ask those you trust for their viewpoint or search more on the internet, even weigh the pros and cons. In the process, more will be revealed to you of what your comfort level is and what you want.

    And if any choice you are trying to make stretches you beyond what you feel you can comfortably do right now, it’s okay to say no. Source never asks you to sacrifice. That means you will never be asked to invest a certain amount of money if that amount is going to cause you stress or worry in months ahead, or accept an opportunity that overwhelms you at this time, asking more than you are ready to give.

    Staying in your peace is the only choice you ever need make.

    Don’t beat up on yourself with “what if’s” or “if only’s” either.  It was those past choices that taught us what we really needed or wanted. As A Course in Love reminds us, “there are no losses, only gains”. Let go of the “should have’s” and “what would have happened if”. Nothing you’ve done or haven’t done will ever affect your safety or support. You are safe right now, in whatever decision you make, and will always be supported right where you are. That’s the way the Universe works. It loves without condition.

    You are never asked to sacrifice, and if a choice is asking you to, then it might be wise to say no for today. Be honest with yourself and trust what your heart and body feel.

    Coming from this vibration of peace, acceptability, and self-love will elevate any action that follows. Make peace your priority, and heaven on earth will follow.


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