• How to Change Your Circumstances

    If we really want our circumstances to change, then we must change.  As the saying goes, you can’t pray one way and live another. Change must happen first within, then without.
    So what needs to change? Just one thing- your state.
    According to spiritual teacher and author, David Hawkins, in his book Power vs. Force, peace is one of the highest vibrations you can achieve in human consciousness – higher than love, higher than joy.  The Course in Miracles states, “Illness is some form of external searching. Health is inner peace.” (2.I.10-11 ) And of the top four forms of prosperity, peace of mind resides in first place, over health, relationships, and yes, even over money and career. 
    If we really want to see a difference in our lives, to change our circumstances or our perception of the circumstances, then we must find our center of peace. When you are in alignment with your peace, you are no longer anxious and afraid. You raise yourself to the highest vibration, allowing miracles to take place.The mind may try to pull you back, reminding you of all the reasons why you should be anxious and afraid, but this is where we commit to our peace above all else.
    When we are in alignment, which just means we are valuing who we are so much so, we refuse to scare or punish ourselves, we will naturally feel calmer and have more energy. We come back into a state of balance. What exactly are we coming back to? Our inner Self. We realign with the truth we are deserving, loved, and cared for.
    This does not mean we shove away feelings of sadness, rejection, anger, disappointment or any other emotion because we are afraid of being “negative”. If an emotion is coming from the heart, it needs healing. If it’s coming from the head, that’s when we need a spiritual perspective.
    Do what brings you peace, think what brings you peace, trust what brings you peace.
    Make peace your priority and Life will carry you.
    If you find you need a little help, the 4 free videos offer practical ways to return to your calmer self.
    Need even more support? Call for a free consultation. Discover what your inner Self is calling forth in you to live a life that’s confident, peaceful, and yes, miraculous! 
    “After one session with Dawn I walked away with the phrase “the Universe is giving you a YES!” This really helped me see how many times this really was happening and that even if that particular situation didn’t come to fruition, it was STILL the Universe saying, ‘you are on the right path, keep going.’ Dawn is very insightful and my session with her was very valuable to me!”
                                                   – Cindy Ballero

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