• How To Handle the Time In-Between

    You know the drill. Life goes on as usual, in it’s predictable manner, then something arises that jolts you out of the ordinary – and that something may be coming from inside your soul.

    After you’ve gotten past the initial panic and disbelief, a part of you wants to drag back the old habits and strategies of control, so you can go back to “feeling normal”. But while one part of you clutches, another part of you resists. Why?

    Because deep down, your soul recognizes this isn’t just a horizontal transition about circumstance; it’s a vertical transformation about spiritual growth.

    You’re about to experience some uncomfortable stretching, but don’t be alarmed. As A Course in Miracles reminds us, “the end is assured.”

    What makes this so difficult is a part of you feels crazy. You may be:

    • Anxious
    • Fearful of the future and your income
    • Unsettled
    • Lost
    • Questioning old habits
    • Enjoy being alone
    • Desiring a slower rhythm
    • Making peace with not doing

    What helps?

    • First, recognize what you’re going through is real and honor it. It is your next step, and despite what you feel, you are safe in this process. I promise.


    • Understand that a part of you will strongly want to take some action, find some direction, just to get out of the discomfort. As A Course of Love reminds us, “Your personal self will be looking for a place to reside. It means an old identity is losing its hold. Practice discernment by being still and awaiting wisdom.” Give yourself permission to “actively wait” on wisdom.



    • Know old fears and wounds will reassert themselves in order to heal, in order that new decisions will not be made from an old identity. It’s best to not resist these emotions or escape them. Be aware of the urge to fill the silence with old addictions, habitual thoughts of victimization and/or future fears, or new projects that seem like “good ideas” – i.e. ones that come from your head. Be willing to face the fire in order to be purified. A Course in Miracles reminds us, “Everyone is entitled to miracles, but purification is necessary first.”


    • Find a friend, clergy, coach, or therapist as a spiritual companion to remind you why you’re going through this and honor it with you. They can also hold the space for you to cry out your fears, so you can hear your heart. (My clients already know what’s really true, they just need a witness to reflect it.)


    • Say, “I don’t know,” and take the risk to be “all in”. Treat this time like an experiment.


    • Make time for prayer and meditation – get out in nature or find a sacred space you can be still and “come undone”.


    • Be amazed at what wisdom, breakthroughs, and new directions arise from your willingness to be patient.

    This is just one of the stages in expansion. Ideas of God are meant to expand to include greater good, love, harmony, compassion, wisdom, abundance, and peace. Your own fulfillment lies in your expansion.


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