• How to Recognize Your Gifts

    “I just keep thinking I have to work harder.”

    “I’m just not as smart as some of these people.”

    “What if I’m being selfish doing just what I’m doing. Shouldn’t I be doing something more? Something bigger?”

    I heard all these doubts from my clients this past week. Each, in their own way, was fearful she was not doing what she was supposed to be doing in the world, or that what she was doing was somehow not enough.

    Looking deeper, we discovered two things:

    • They made the decision that what they were doing in the world wasn’t all that impressive. Not like someone who worked for nonprofits or someone who was so successful in their field others flocked to them. No. They felt they were stuck in discovering their purpose.
    • They minimized what they did do.

    A Course in Miracles reminds us, “It is not our part to judge our worth, nor can we know what role is best for us; what we can do within a larger plan we cannot see in its entirety.”

    A Course of Love tells us there will continue to be a creative tension between accepting who you are and becoming who you want to be until you integrate two ideas:

    • Resign as your own teacher
    • Cease all acts of comparison.

    What does this mean?

    It means you recognize what you naturally give without effort. Is it harmony? Peace? Inspiration? Acceptance? Acknowledgement? Beauty? Order? Wisdom?

    What do you offer others that fills you up inside?

    This is your gift. It is why you are here. Your job is not to judge it, but merely accept it as yours.

    Oh, and love it. It is what you came here to be. Now be it.

    Spirit will always support you in the world as you extend what is in you to give.

    A Course in Miracles reminds us, “The means will be provided to those who share His purpose.”

    Be easy about your life. Be easier on yourself. In fact, celebrate the gift you bring.

    It is through you, and your own uniqueness, that God will be realized in this world.

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