• How to Walk on Faith

    There’s so much I don’t know as far as how to succeed in business, or a relationship, or any situation that crosses the line between my desire and my ignorance.

    If I were dependent purely upon my intellect to make my life into what my heart desires, I would, most likely, not only fail, but, literally, go crazy in the process. My limited human self is not what will bring my vision into form. Why? It’s not what inspired the idea in the first place.

    When an idea inspires us, it’s because that idea came to us through our spirit. Anything in alignment with our Higher Selves is already assured, it already exists. However, it doesn’t always feel that way when it comes to the practical details. We often feel as if we are fumbling in the dark, tripping over chairs and stuffed animals, trying to get to the light switch.

    Many a night I prayed the prayer of the discouraged, “God, I have no idea how to make this thing happen. And left to my own devices, I’m not so sure of myself. I need your help. Guide my steps. I ask only Thy will be done.”

    And with this prayer, something strange happens. I give up trying to figure it out. No longer am I looking to “make” anything happen. The truth is, if I were grasping for the “how”, I’m buying into the thought the idea was mine to manage. But the idea was never mine. It came to me because it wanted to come through me.

    If I’m trying to “manifest” something from my own will, I am serving two gods – the voices of the world and the voice of Spirit. And that’s really the sticking point for so many of us. We hear the voices of the world, all the things we must do (or not do), and we feel overwhelmed, confused, and uncertain of exactly how we’re going to get from here to there – whatever “there” is for you– a relationship, a financial state, a career desire, a health status. In all our control and strategizing, we act as if we are alone in our desire – as if God handed us the football and now it’s our job to get it to the goalpost.

    A Course of Love tells us we no longer need to plan, but receive. This requires actively waiting for revelations and impulses. We may feel a little lost between directives, but here’s what you can do:

    • On the in-between days, find structure in the everyday tasks. When the next impulse comes, you’ll know. Don’t try to push an opportunity or idea. Wait for it to pull you.
    • If you want to know your next step, just look at what is on your plate for today. Follow your desires and your energy level.
    • When an urge hits – whether it’s to look up that book, call that person, or see a certain movie- do it with curiosity, leaving out the expectation.

    God is asking you if you wish to come on this journey. You can say no, or you can raise your hand and say, “Yes, I’m in.” Once you raise your hand, know you are now the follower, not the leader.

    And now the adventure of miracles really begins!

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