• If A Dream Dies

    So often I wonder, would we take the journey if we knew where it was leading us to or what it was leading us away from?

    “Behold, I make all things new.”  – Revelations 21:5


    The Writer’s Journey

    When we first met, my writing coach asked me what would happen if I didn’t write this book? Surprised by my own response, I answered, “If I don’t, a lot of healers might not have the courage to keep going.” Tears choked my throat as I spoke the words aloud. She rummaged through her big black purse for a pack of tissues, handing us both one.

    Now, here I am, a month later and my ideas, not only for this book, but for my life, have morphed into something I wouldn’t predict. The book idea still remains for healers, or for those willing to go through the journey of transformation toward an inner desire to help heal ourselves and serve the world. It’s still about outlining the 10 stages of that process to offer others the understanding, and hopefully, peace of mind and courage while they cross over these stages.

    What has changed is me. Though I still care about the message, I no longer really care about the “success” of this book or where it goes, at this time anyway. I care more about the discovery of what this journey is trying to show me and where it’s leading. As it is, I’m slowly losing my attachment to things. Yes, I’d like to have more money, but “more” no longer means making six figures. It means having enough so I don’t think about it. I love my home, but I realize these are just things, and if I lost them all, they never meant anything anyway, not really. I always dreamt of writing and speaking to thousands about my ideas, but now I dream of things for the world that have nothing to do with speaking and writing to large audiences, though they may down the road, you never know.

    The Writer’s Journey began as a call for support in order that I may write this book, and that hasn’t gone away. But it has morphed into something more — supporting me on a bigger journey than which I thought, one that may or may not include writing this book or in its original form.

    I know this scares a lot of people, myself included at one point, to let go of an idea or dream you had. It goes against our westernized go-getter mentality of “you can do it”, “work hard” and “it’s up to you to make it happen”. Trust me when I say, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with these ideas! They are what make a desire real. What I question is exactly what are we trying to “make happen”? Our idea of our life? Or Life’s idea of us? And which, really, would lead to greater personal and planetary fulfillment?

    I’m banking on Life. The life force in nature does a pretty good job directing and correcting itself when storms split a tree trunk or cement slabs block a plant’s growth. The tree heals and grows in a different direction. The tiny sprout pokes through the dry crack of the sidewalk. Nature always finds a way to do what it came here to do, without blame, judgement, or attachment to the original plan. If my source of life is no different from that of the tree, then it might behoove me to listen to Its wisdom. Who am I to tell this Divine Intelligence how to do Its job. A better response might be, “You’re in charge. Let’s roll.”

    “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

                                                                                      Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Happy Trails,

    Dawn Petalino


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