• Intention Versus Inspiration

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    There is a powerful movement going on today, and it’s not a bad one by any means. It’s the power of intention. You hear this a lot, especially in spiritual circles, “What’s your intention?”

    Naming an intention helps give us a direction and focus. We go into the meeting, the appointment, the conversation with an intention. Whether that intention is to find solutions for a budget, determine the answer to a question, or get to the bottom of a disagreement respectfully, these ideas all come from the motivation of what we’d like to experience.

    We’ve heard it enough, what you think about, you bring about. This is true. But what we don’t realize is what we’re NOT thinking about, we could be bringing about. Behind any intention lies a larger idea, a greater desire. If we limit the intention to what we, personally, are desiring, we limit the possibility for something greater.

    Inspiration, on the other hand, is an intention that comes from Something deeper within ourselves. It imagines a grander plan, a greater experience, a more meaningful outcome. The reason being is this inspired intention is coming from a world beyond our own limited mind. It is coming from the mind of God.

    Inspiration comes not from your head, but your heart. The Course of Love states, “You are a thought of God. An idea. This thought, or idea, is what you seek. It can only be found at its source. Its source is love, and its location is your own heart.”

    What if for a moment, you suspended the thought of what you wanted or intended, and instead asked the Universe, “What do You intend for me here?”

    The way of inspiration means being still for a moment and hearing the desire in your heart. And if you don’t know, ask it be revealed to you. It may come through a picture, a thought, an advertisement, or another person. And sometimes it comes out of the blue.

     A wonderful artist and friend, Elaine Connors, learned of her desire to paint while walking through the art book section at a Barnes and Nobles. She felt herself pulled back to those books and blurted out, “I want to paint!” She didn’t know how, but she knew it was true when she said it. (You can find her amazing story and art work here: http://www.elaineconnorsstudio.com/). Whatever it is, you’ll know it because it’ll excite you and scare you at the same time.

    When you are inspired, you have a choice to say, “yes” to the Unlimited Being within you. Then you must surrender to it and pay attention to the opportunities that come your way that align with the inspiration. Elaine mentioned of her desire to a customer and this person, an artist, offered to teach her. Elaine said, “Yes.” Which eventually led her to exhibiting her work into five high end galleries. Ever notice when you take inspired action, things seemed to work out? That’s called co-creating with the Universe.

    Inspiration requires an open mind. And when we catch ourselves locking into an agenda or an idea of what our life should look like, take a breath and leave some space. The Course of Love reminds us, “This is an invitation to greet this day with no worry, disappointment, or planning. This is an invitation to greet your Self and to find your Self within this day.”

    Some might call it play. So today, I invite you to play wherever you are able. As you do so, more and more, you begin to trust that Self to lead you and guide you into an inspired way of living!

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