• The Key to Self-Confidence

    God, Your timing could be better, You know.

    I was scheduled to give a talk on my previous book, Peace, Power, and Miracles, the next day, and the last thing I wanted was some crazy anxiety circulating through my system.

    Though, what’s wonderful about Spirit is It reminds us of the truth just when we need it.

    The day before my talk, I sat reading A Course of Love, and this is what I found.

    “Allowing others to accept you as you are, is a gift to them that releases them from judgement. Do not think that only those who are more bold than you or speak more eloquently or who are better examples are those who will lead the way for others to follow. What I am saying is that you can remain confident in your personal self, knowing your personal self will serve those you are meant to serve.

    (A Course of Love, p. 347)

    The point here is confidence comes from accepting all parts of ourselves, just as we are right now. We accept our personality, our humor, the way we do things, the way we say things – all without judgement. We show up as who we are, the way we are, knowing we were never meant to be anyone else.

    Self-acceptance not only calms the body and mind, but opens the heart. And it is in this acceptance, we access our Higher Self. Now we are joined with the truth inside of us. Our job is to simply be what’s true.

    Or in other words, be ourselves and proud of it.

    Resting in acceptance, brings congruency between our minds and hearts. Something inside softens, and lo’ and behold, our heart begins to open. Now, if there were anything we were ever meant to give, it will come through loud and clear within our own integrity and authenticity.

    How to Find Real Self-Confidence:

    Stop trying to be anything else or anyone else. The point is you couldn’t.

    And even more important, the world would miss what could have been given had you simply showed up as you.

    Look no further than the person in the mirror. That’s where real Self-confidence lies.


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