• How Do You Know What Action to Take?



    Probably one of the most common uncertainties we all face is “what should I do about…?” Whether it’s with our kids, our jobs, our relationships, we struggle to know the “right” answer. Our heads argue one side, but then we question ourselves and find ourselves uncertain and confused.

    How exactly do we know what the right answer is, and whether it’s coming from our Higher Will or our own?

    The Higher Will will often feel like play. It will have a sense of “fun” or freedom to it. And in our darker moments, it will bring a bit of relief.

    A Course in Miracles reminds us to, “make no decisions for ourselves.”

    This means, whenever there is a choice to be made, whether it is something big like should I move? Or something more mundane, such as, should I go out tonight or stay in, we are to ask.

    But A Course also says, “The ego speaks first and the ego speaks loudest.” So often, the first idea is that of the ego.  The idea that tells us how we can get what we want. The idea that suggests what we need to do in order to have our desires met and not lose out.

    However, if we resist the impulse to act right away, if we give ourselves permission to be uncomfortable for a bit and remain open, we give “the still small voice” a chance to be heard.

    It may give us the same answer, or it may not. It may take a few minutes, a few days, or a few months to make itself known. I didn’t know it was time to leave my marriage or my job for over a year. But when I knew, I knew.

    And this is what I tell my clients – you will know. Just because we become aware of a question, doesn’t mean it’s the time to answer it with an action. First, we must wait for acceptance. Within the acceptance, we feel peace. And it is this peace for which we are looking.

    Our fear is, if we choose peace, we wouldn’t ever take any action. We’d become complacent. Or we may miss out on opportunities.

    The truth is complacency doesn’t feel good. It feels like settling. And that’s not peace. Equally true is taking action can feel good at first because we feel in control again. But have you ever acted too quickly because you wanted out of the discomfort, only to have the same discontentment resurface later?

    Choices that come from peace feel freer. They lighten us in some way.  They may stretch us, causing us nervousness, but there’s a certainty behind them nonetheless.

    What confuses us, at times, is the answer either hasn’t made itself known, or it is not the one our mind says we should take.  Peace may tell us to take time off, or say no to a particular person, or stop doing a project that no longer brings us joy, but feels more like a burden. All of these scenarios can be difficult to act upon if we’ve never done them before.

    So what do you do when you are unclear?

    You wait for acceptance. There is a timing to acceptance that is divine. You do not thwart any plans by waiting till you know or until you are ready. We are listening for our deeper “yes”.

    Until you hear it, don’t force yourself to act out of fear, if you can avoid it. But if you do, that is alright, too. A Course in Miracle tells us, “And each miracle He offers you, corrects your use of time.”

    Each twist and turn, including the ones that seem to take you off course, are part of your curriculum.

    It takes courage to wait, even while you doubt yourself. But when it’s time to act, you’ll know. And when it’s time, that decision has a Power behind it that allows for miracles.


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