• Let Your Good Come to You

    I don’t know about you, but I grew up a proud goal getter, action taker, and achiever. I was used to doing and taking the reins.

    Now, I realize whenever I take matters into my own hands and muscle through all the tasks, lists, and things on my plate, I am coming from a place of struggle. I feel overwhelmed and agitated until everything’s done. I see situations as problems I have to force my way through before I can feel better. Point being, I wouldn’t enjoy my life until 9:00pm at night when I could relax. How sad is that?

    Then I discovered a way of “doing” in this world that feels so much better. It doesn’t matter if I’m on my porch reading a book or paying taxes. It all feels wonderful to me and I enjoy my life – my whole life, not just post 9:00pm.

    If I’m in a state of forcing or dreading I am giving power to the conditions. But if I take the time to identify with the Power inside of me, and follow Its guidance, I make that Source my Power. Everything I do takes on a higher vibration in a way that feels good.

    This past weekend I was preparing a recording of a free teaching on Peace, Power, and Miracles: How to Use the Proven Awareness3 Method for Eliminating Overwhelm and Increasing Happiness for a Transformational Telesummit I will be speaking at in August. And though I took time to meditate that morning, about three hours into it, I started to get tired and realized the practice and preparation was going to take longer than I thought. Following the goal instead of the feeling, I pushed through, completing the outline and practicing several times. By 6:30pm, I was tired, depleted, hungry, and ready for cold beer. I had finished, but no longer felt good – instead, I felt desperate to feel good. I finally called it quits and went out with some friends.  

    On Sunday, I did things smarter, not harder. I aligned with the Power within me and felt the joy and ease that was innately mine. Two seconds later, my mind jumped in. “You have to practice several times and then record it. The teaching is an hour, so that’ll be at least 4 or 5 hours. And you better leave extra time in case you need to re-record.”

    Now this all sounds very logical, but I knew better. Spirit always sees a way where human eyes do not, and it was Those Eyes I was looking through today. Within 3 hours, I had gone over my teachings and recorded my video on the first try, and had fun doing it. By 4:00 pm, I was drinking a cool beverage outside with friends and enjoying an entire evening of fun and play. At the end of the day, I felt full of appreciation, joy and satisfaction. Plus, I knew the teachings on that recording, no matter what the words, would carry a higher vibration from Source because I trusted my good feelings over my goals.

    We didn’t come here to struggle or work hard or try to achieve anything. We came here to be the expression of a Loving Source within us, creating a life of joy and freedom we feel good in. Welcome Home!

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