• Letting Love, Love You



    The holidays can be a time we feel more lighthearted and forgiving. We listen to carols, buy gifts for others, and look forward to colorful festivities.

    Ever wonder why? It’s not that anything on the outside has changed, but our insides have changed immensely because we made a decision.

    In every moment, you can choose love or you can choose fear. If choose to believe in fear, then you will spend precious moments of your life trying to figure out the future, wondering what’s wrong with you or another, or lamenting about the past. You will look around at your life and assume it’s not right. You may feel anger, sadness, or something else equally uncomfortable and assume that’s not right either. From there, it’s a short road to thinking “my life is horrible”.

    Thank God, there’s another choice. The choice for Love.

    Just as we can choose to believe in fear (and lack is just another name for fear), we can choose to believe in Love.

    What does that mean? It means we look at our lives and refuse to punish ourselves for not being better or doing it right, or for not having the things we think we should. We refuse to pass blame and judgement on ourselves, making us feel shameful or wrong. This doesn’t mean we are given a free pass to engage in hurtful or disrespectful ways toward others, though. That would be the same behavior only directed at someone else rather than ourselves. It would still be choosing fear.

    No, choosing Love means I will claim that in this moment I am still worthy of love. I may not be where I think I should be, or doing all things I should be doing, but in spite of that, I am choosing to believe in Love and accepting I deserve it.

    When we choose Love, we let ourselves off the hook and have compassion for the part of us wanting others, ourselves, or situations to be different. We choose to love ourselves anyway.

    Once we choose Love by saying to our fear, “No! I believe in Love. I choose Love!”, something within starts to shift. We make the conscious choice to release fear. We don’t have to know how things will change or figure out what choosing love actually means at that moment, we simply say it. We make the decision for love and let Love decide how Its going to love us.

    Watch what changes when you admit you’re feeling down on yourself, offer yourself kindness and compassion, and still claim your worthy of being loved. The first thing you might notice is your heart softens. The second thing is you begin to  feel Love. And the third might surprise you – you actually feel joy because you set yourself free.

    This season, give the best gift you can possibly give yourself – the choice for Love over fear. It will be the only decision you need make for yourself. Once you do, Love will do the rest.

    Blessings to all in the New Year!


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