“Fear is not a part of what you are, which is why it cannot remain with you as the way opens for you to fully know the Self of unity. You are about to achieve your first glimpse of wholeness, of oneness with God. To know the truth of your inheritance.”

  –  A Course in Love (D:Day 4.4.54)


A course in loveA-Course-in-Miracles

In this world, we are beginning to experience a new reality – a different reality than the one we’ve been taught. It is the reality of safety, love, peace, abundance, and trust!

It is here and it exists now. But to experience it, we must deny everything we’ve learned and begin to trust a different reality, a different way of experiencing the world.

This requires an “unlearning” of what we’ve been taught. It also requires us to trust in One that can teach us the truth behind the only reality that actually exists, one in which perfect safety and perfect peace exist.

Learn what the Courses say about, “Letting Go of Worry”, “The Key to Making Power Decisions”, “Planning Vs. Receiving”, “Finding Real Love in Relationship”, and many other powerful ideas to transform your reality.

These recordings are designed to help you in your journey by becoming a blank slate once again, and allowing a Higher Source and guide to teach you the way of joy.

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