• Miracle Monday- Healing Thoughts Versus Emotions


    “Circumstances come into our lives, and we get rocked off our center with anxiety, fear, and overwhelm. Stress has become the new normal. Cortisol trickles in our bodies like an intravenous tube dripping fluid into our veins. We go through life trying to juggle all our responsibilities of work, family, health, and all the daily chores that go along with making life work just to crawl into bed at night depleted, still worried about tomorrow. We’ve become separated from the joyful, tender, direct experience of life and caught up in a world of control, constant planning, and obsessive thinking. But these things are not the real problem, though we experience them. As hard as it is to believe right now, the real problem behind all our problems has nothing to do with our circumstances.

    The real problem is we’ve lost our connection to the only steady part of us that knows how to navigate this world of uncertainty in a way that leaves us feeling safe, appreciative, abundant, joyous, and free in spite of any circumstance. We have lost our connection to the Power of Peace inside ourselves. And it is only through peace, we are able to access our inner Power”  (p. 16)

                                                                                                        -An excerpt from Peace, Power, and Miracles


    The magic is learning how to stay in the moment and trusting we are loved by an abundant Universe.

    As I edit Peace, Power, and Miracles, I’m reminding myself to stay closer to my own peace. Life becomes pretty incredible as we do. Making peace a priority cultivates the self-love, self-worth, and self-acceptance inside of us keeps us in alignment with our Higher Self.

    The Course of Love reminds us, “I am asking you to move beyond conviction to reliance.”

    Miracles happen when we do.

    In case you missed Monday’s tool for allowing miracles, you can catch the video here.

    Miracle Monday- Healing Thoughts Versus Feelings


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