• Motivation Vs. Inspiration

    “Motivation is when you get hold of an idea and take it to where you believe you can take it with your goals. Inspiration is where an idea gets a hold of you and it takes you where you were intended to go even before you were ever conceived.”  – Dr. Wayne Dyer

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    Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, it is very easy to become driven by your goals. What begins as an inspired idea snowballs into a messy paged list of must–do’s, many of which you’re not even sure how to do, like websites, email marketing, and event planning. It can overwhelm even the toughest go-getter. Stress, confusion, and unmanageability take over and the creative inspiration you started out with flushes away to be replaced by deadlines, discouragement, and depletion. Was this the life you dreamed of? Is any of it necessary?
    Maybe. But not at the time you think and not all of it. An action only becomes necessary when it becomes the action that excites you! And if it simultaneously scares you, better still! We can only move mountains when the mountain within begins to move. When Spirit says it’s time, that’s when you act. The idea given to you was not your own, nor will its birth be directed by you. You are the carrier, but not the conceiver.
    Does this mean you don’t do anything? No, but what you do, might not be what you think you should do. You act on the idea you’re attracted to or that brings relief – that might be to do gather information, finish certain paperwork, or work on your website. OR it might be to attend to the feelings of being disconnected and overwhelmed by talking with a friend, taking a break, or asking for help. When the feelings of love begin to flow again, then you’ll know what your next step is. 
    There is a certain order that takes place when we stretch and grow ourselves. It’s good to persevere, but we must also honor the process and the divine order that takes place when bringing a creative idea into existence. Many visionary entrepreneurs I meet have the idea they must jump into action, learning and doing all that they can. However, upon learning what the experts tell them, they become frozen and overwhelmed, or they force themselves to do it all, then feel burned out and depleted in the process.
    When stretching ourselves, we must attend to the internal process as well as the external. This means we must reconnect back to our hearts and where love resides. When pursuing a goal, do what you can, but don’t believe for a moment that when things are moving slowly or not at all on the outside, nothing is happening.  Often, it’s the internal growth that becomes the necessary step before the next external movement can take place.
    Learn to trust the desires within, this is the voice of your Spirit. Dare to follow it, even if you don’t understand it. When the time is right, the opportunity will be laid before you, then you’ll know it’s time to move.
    Be patient with yourself.
    Love yourself no matter what it looks like on the outside.
    Be willing to act when an opportunity that energizes you comes along – especially, when they come miraculously unexpected!
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