• Myth: Happiness Means My Life Is Perfect


    There are so many books on the market right now about finding our happiness or creating more happiness in our lives. My current book, even, Peace, Power and Miracles: Eliminating Overwhelm and Increasing Happiness, is just such a book. And truly, we want to know. We want to wear smiles on our faces and feel joy in our hearts all the time. This is how define happiness.

    But if happiness, in our eyes, means we feel good all the time, then we’re looking for an ideal that does not exist. Happiness doesn’t mean we don’t ever feel the emotions of sadness, anger, or loss. But what it does mean is we like and accept ourselves in our lives, just where we are. We equate happiness with contentment, not lack of pain or difficulties.

    Happiness doesn’t mean everything is going smoothly all the time. Only a perfectionist would believe that idea (yes, guilty). For example, I didn’t feel good when I divorced my husband, lost my father, or had my bank account compromised. I felt sorrow, I felt grief, I felt fear. But whether I see something as good or bad is based on my own judgement of the situation. Happiness doesn’t say we won’t feel loss or pain, but it does say I don’t have to suffer by judging the situation or myself further.

    Happiness accepts the fluidity of life and knows we’ll be okay in the process.  It gives importance to what’s important, appreciates what’s in our lives now and knows we don’t own any of it. It is willing to put our time into what we value while we’re here and let go of what’s draining our time and energy, be that thoughts, emotions, people, or situations.

    Happiness doesn’t mean we won’t feel pain. We will feel the emotions that go along with being alive, because that’s just it, we are alive. And if we decide happiness means not feeling so-called negative emotions, then we’re guaranteeing to never be happy. As most of us know, and yet still have difficulty accepting, we can only go as high as we permit ourselves to go low.

    But the beauty of this is when we accept this about happiness, when we stop demanding perfection from life, we feel at ease within it. Then, even the lows are touched with love and compassion, and even the highs are touched with beauty and sadness. We feel the transience of this thing called Life and our part in it. That’s where gratitude naturally arises. We are part of this Creation and this thing called Life.

    Happiness is knowing that. It sees love in small, unexpected ways. These awarenesses touch our hearts and we can’t help but wish to give love back. This is happiness. It’s recognizing the fragility and fleetingness of life, and making the most of our dance with It while we are here.



    *Note: The new, more comprehensive edition is in its final stages of editing. For those of you who asked, it should be ready to upload to Amazon and available for orders in the printed version by the end of January 2017. Thank you to all of you who helped make this book a #1 Best Seller on Amazon! I offer you my deepest appreciation and gratitude:)



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