• Need More Fun in Your Life?

    The Universe can only give to us what we are willing to receive. If we want more good, more joy, more abundance in our lives, we have to be willing to become unguarded and open to allowing the Universe to gift us. Many of us say we want “x”, but if “x” actually came our way, we’d find a reason why we shouldn’t have it or become so frightened of losing it, we’d become obsessive and destroy it.
    I’ve always been a “responsible” person. Even as a child, I was looking for the loose ends, taking care of uncertainties, and trying to “do the right thing” to avoid any catastrophes. I know many of my clients grew up the same way- circumstances threw them into adulthood sooner than expected.
    Well, recently I joined a friend in one of those “Paint and Wine” classes that are so popular. Sitting with my friend and drinking a glass of wine sounded relaxing, but the painting I wasn’t so sure about.
    Thinking of it like a normal class, I was surprised when the instructor had us repeat the phrase, “I will not say, ‘Mine sucks’.” She then gave easy instructions, began playing rock music, and told us to “have fun with it!” At first I carefully watched my lines and shading, but as I looked around, women were laughing and dancing as they waved their canvases above their heads to dry. I blinked back the tears. It had been a while since I allowed myself to just let go and lighten up. So I made a choice, I let go of my own expectations and waved along with them.
    Enjoyment and “meaningless” activities balance out the heaviness in our lives. Giving ourselves permission to let go of being in control and responsible is about receiving joy. When we let our mind jump in with what we should be doing, what we need to take care of, or the problems in our lives (after all, how can we possibly be having fun when that is going on?!), we are denying a gift from the Universe.
    Happiness is a choice. It’s not that problems don’t exist, because they do and sometimes pretty seriously so. But denying ourselves moments of pleasure and joy doesn’t make us better people or more spiritually responsible. It doesn’t prevent “bad” things from happening nor mean we are shallow. In Shakti Gawain’s book, True Prosperity, she notes the opposite of responsible isn’t irresponsible, it’s carefree. We can laugh, we can play, and we can enjoy our lives, even in the midst of dark times. Carefree connects us to our joy, and that connects us to our Spirit. We feel alive and better equipped to handle other areas of our lives.

    joyful woman on swing

    If you tend to be over-responsible and a bit serious, you may have to work at letting go and having fun just as much as you do your responsibilities. But that’s your growing edge – to have fun. It takes practice. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but that’s when you apply the old adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” After all, you could have worse lessons to learn in this life:).
    Try it!
    1)Notice where your own adult expectations are holding you back from play.
    2) Give yourself permission to appear foolish or silly or not care.
    3) Notice what happens inside of you.
    4) Repeat till you enjoy it!
    You are safe, you are loved, you are led – always!

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    “After my session with Dawn, I felt like I had arrived home to realize someone had cleaned out and organized my “overstuffed-closet” mind. I could see farther into myself. I had more focus and self-control. My healing was a change that I felt deep within, but I was also changed immediately on the surface. My husband, “perfect sister”, and friends noticed that I had clarity and confidence they had rarely witnessed.
    Dawn is a genuine gifted healer on many levels. She is the missing piece in one’s healing puzzle. That cannot be overstated.”
                                                          – Rita, Charlotte

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