• No Longer Waiting for Self-Approval


    As I slumped in my meditation chair, I asked, “How long, God? How long?” I’ve thrown this question out to the Universe many a times when discouragement, weariness, or the desire to run away has overtaken me.

    The “how long” meant how long till this vision of mine comes to fruition? How long do I have to wait to finally “be there” (wherever “there” is)?

    Of course, on those days, I realize I’m just falling into a “poor me” mentality. Ultimately because I’m comparing my own status to some ideal in my mind.

    It is also on those days, after a few tears, I turn to my heart and ask, “Show me how to see this, God, because I know this is not how You see my life.”

    And then I would sit quietly and wait for the still voice to speak as I focused on the sounds of the birds.

    And here’s what I would get. A slow joy would spread out from my heart as a thought arose, “Listen to those birds! Aren’t they grand? And how lucky to be able to sit here on a Monday morning in the sun, listening to birds with coffee. How wonderful this is!” Ok, God, I get it. This moment is pretty good, so what the heck was I complaining about?

    And that’s it, really. We complain out of fear over an unknown future or for something we felt we did in the past that made us less than, and now, we await the foreboding consequence.

    We go to fear because we can’t entirely believe we are just loved. So we compare. We compare ourselves to others or to an ideal image we think we should be, proving we are not enough now.

    But as A Course in Love reminds us,

    “How will you ever make real the Self you are when you strive to be something else? If you do not accept yourself as you are, you will not move from image to presence. And if you do not move from image to presence, you will never realize your freedom. And if you do not realize your freedom, you will not realize your power.”

    The truth is, if we can accept ourselves and our lives as they are right now as good enough, we can begin to find the gifts and beauty within them. And if we can live from there, in one unknown moment at a time, we find the freedom we’ve been desiring. We have released ourselves from our own prison and chosen to live as if WE ARE LOVED AND WORTHY RIGHT NOW.

    This means;

    • Stop looking to a future moment for fulfillment and begin finding fulfillment in this one.
    • Appreciate the life you have, instead of lamenting the life you think you should have.
    • Be patient. There are many gifts for you along the way you’d miss otherwise. Disappointment only comes when you’ve forgotten a miraculous Creator desires only to love you.
    • Give yourself permission to approve of yourself right now. Allow yourself joy, in spite of any condition.

    We hold the key. Nothing outside of you will create that solid foundation within. You do it by accepting it for yourself.

    You raise your level of consciousness to the unlimited, loving, consciousness of God.

    And this is where life begins.


    You Can Only Receive in This Moment

    Birthing the Idea of Benevolence;Trusting the Universe

    Self love is the game changer for our lives. If you’re tired of the pain, I can help you find peace.

    Contact me here for a free consultation. Let your life begin today.

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  • GUY FLEMMING says:Reply
    April 4, 2019 at 7:11 PM

    I like you newsletter

    • Dawn Petalino says:Reply
      April 6, 2019 at 2:35 PM

      Thank you! I hope that what I offer can help others the way it has helped my own life. I appreciate your comment:)