• There is No Loss, Only Gain in Any Circumstance

    This week, I had to put my money where my mouth is. I preach and teach about living a life of miracles – a life in which we trust the Power of Love to be greater than any condition we fear, and experience miracles as a result.

    Of course, sometimes, the Universe will ask, “How deeply do you believe?” That’s when something arises that smacks right up against our fear.

    For me, that has always been my pocketbook. Now mind you, I’ve never been out on the street without food, clothing, shelter, or a hot shower. However, that doesn’t stop my ego from looking to money as my security over God.

    So it was on Thursday when I received a text from a client I’d been counting on for the summer. She had to push our date back to an undetermined time. Not good news to my ego.

    As I stared at the text, my heart began to race, my body started to freeze, and my mind jumped in with, “Oh, sh**. Now what?”

    And that was it – it was that question, the “now what?”, that got me. My body and mind jumped to an unknown future that said what will become of me?

    Fortunately, I do try to practice what I preach. At the time, I was with a group of people and excused myself to the bathroom stall where I silently cried tears of fear and prayed, “Show me the Truth.”

    The fear popped out like a cork, allowing a deep breath to take its place. My mind and heart slowed down, and a calmness settle in its place. Oddly, an excitement inside whispered, I wonder what the Universe is up to?

    I didn’t know. But I didn’t need to.

    Because the truth is there are 2 realities occurring at once – one of love and one of fear.

    If I choose to see through the eyes of love, then love is ALL there is. Period.

    Circumstances that may try to scare me with various facts don’t affect my reality because my belief lies in the unlimited Power of Love.

    However, if I choose to play with fear, then I will experience a reality of fear. Not because I’m being punished or unworthy, but because at that moment, I’m trusting in those circumstances more than my birthright, which is Love.

    A Course of Love says, “You must come to learn there is no loss only gain.”

    When any condition comes into our lives that throws us into a tailspin, at that moment, remember – you do not exist alone in this world. You exist in Unity with the Source of Creation. And in that Source, you are loved, protected, and taken care of because you and your life are an extension of that abundant Creation known as Love.

    The next morning, I received a call from her and we established a starting date in two weeks. Crisis over.

    We can always change our mind. At any moment, we can make the choice for the reality of truth over fear.

    Ask yourself, “What reality do I believe? Love or fear.”  Because that will become the reality you live.


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