• The One Risk that Will Lead to Peace of Mind

    Try as I might to stop the list from whirling in my brain, I couldn’t. There was too much to do tomorrow and too little time to do it.  At 3am, I tossed and turned, trying, instead, to “do” things in my mind for the next day that I couldn’t physically do in the moment. This was insane.

    You use your free will to choose the human experience. Now are you willing to wholeheartedly choose peace? Is heaven worth enough to you to give up hell?” A Course of Love

    No peace can be found when we are caught up in our thinking. Nor can we make peace dependent upon our circumstances, lest we become slaves to them.

    Peace can only be found in our willingness to give up our perception and become open to a new possibility.

    Anytime we are too much in our heads, we are separated from our hearts. No wonder we feel burned out and overwhelmed. We become disconnected from our very Life Force.

    It wasn’t until morning, when I sat in meditation, did sanity finally return. Sitting in silence for a few moments settled my thoughts, and, oddly, a quiet joy began to seep its way in my heart until I was no longer overwhelmed. Miraculously, the heaviness I experienced only moments ago was gone, replaced by an eagerness.

    What changed?

     “Your temporary willingness will be enough to effect cause and in so doing, brings sanity to your restless mind and heart.” A Course of Love

    In our minds, we hold ideas of our day, our world, the lists, the rules, and the “way things are”. But how different we would see things if we became willing to let go of outcomes and listen, instead, to the perception of our heart?

    Are you brave enough to dare give up your point of view to see what arrives in its place?

    Curiosity takes courage, but it also opens the way to love.

    Take the risk.

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