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Does this sound like you?

· You are a strong, responsible person caught living in a storm of overwhelm and stress from your never-ending-to-do-list.

· You force yourself through the motions of all your have-to’s and should’s of life instead of enjoying it.

· You wish could say NO more often without guilt and resentment, and yes to your time.

· You escape feelings of stress, discouragement, and emptiness through food, television, alcohol, or the internet.

· You have too much to worry about and think about that you have difficulty sitting still and can’t relax.

· You’re so in your “head”, you can’t let go and just “be” with the people you care about, no matter how much you’d like to.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

You are strong, independent person who know how to be responsible, you know how to take care of others, pick up the slack, and work hard to make life your work.

But you’re depleting your peace of mind and joy for life in the process.

We are not trained to make peace our priority!

But that’s the key to experiencing a life of confidence, connection, joy, and peace.

In 6 weeks, you can have a life of-

Peace, Power, and Miracles!

You were meant to be happy.

You were meant to have a life of love, fulfillment, freedom, and laughter

– you were meant to experience peace in every moment.

Before, I was treading water. Years after leaving a career to stay home with children and still reeling from a devastating personal loss, I did not have any idea who I truly was. With Dawn’s help, I was able to suspend judgment of myself, and find the light within me that I had truly not known was there.

As we worked through each session, Dawn pointed out positive changes that I didn’t even realize I had made. I left each session with a feeling of lightness and hope.

After, I actually have a sense of “Self,” that I had previously lacked.

Through our work together, I was able to see that I am more than the labels by which I had defined myself. I am more at peace with my life and have been able to take advantage of opportunities for personal growth, which I would have previously missed.”

~ Carey DeWalt 


Can you imagine a world where…

· You were free from worry and fear?

· Your to-do list took care of itself with greater ease and satisfaction?

· You were relaxed in your life because you had an unshakable confidence you could handle things?

· You took time for yourself regularly without guilt?

· You took time to enjoy others without feeling rushed and felt good in your own skin?

· You handled things with a calmness and clarity others wonder about?

· Miracles become a regular occurrence in your life and things just flowed to you when you needed them?

· You lived your life in awe, gratitude, and joy?

And the Best Part is, all this can be done without 

  • Any extra technology
  • Books
  • Any additional material beyond an open heart and mind


Once you learn how to implement the 3 Awarenesses,

you have them for life!


Of course, I can only give you the tools, it’s up to you to use them.

You must want to stop struggle and


It takes time and practice, I won’t lie to you.

But you aren’t doing this alone.

“Through Dawn’s program, I gained a deeper understanding of myself and the tools necessary to further that understanding and connect with my Higher Self. I am more of a curious witness to how I function and feel. I was able to find my center, face feelings, and reclaim disowned parts of myself.

This course met my expectations and gave me more!”

Zoraida Cabrera

In this workshop, I will be with you through the whole experience and together we will walk you through the steps and support you throughout the whole 6 weeks and beyond.

After Only 6 Weeks, You Will Know How to

Gain Clarity, Confidence, and Peace of Mind…. You Will Learn To:

· Calm your nervous system and get out of obsessive thinking. You will be able to stop worry in its tracks and get back to a place of center, no matter what the conditions in your life.

· Gain clarity and make powerful choices that address your real needs and desires.

· Love, accept, and approve of yourself. You will gain unshakable confidence in yourself to follow through with actions that empower you and the quality of your life.

· Handle difficult emotions when your pendulum goes off balance, so you can continue with your day and still find peace and joy.

· Lower anxiety, the constant need to be in control, and your list of have-to’s so you can relax in your life and enjoy where you are.

· Tap into your inner guidance system and real Power so can follow the path that will give you the greatest satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy in your life.


My life is not always easy, but I now have tools to regain my sense of love, compassion, courage, beauty, and happiness through the Awareness3 Method, regardless of what else is going on.

I trust myself and I trust the magic in this thing called Life to support me as I support my own sense of centeredness and peace.

I don’t do this perfectly, but perfection is not required. Willingness is.

It wasn’t always this way.

For YEARS, the only thing I knew was how to struggle, work hard, and worry to make my sure my world stayed safe and successful. I did everything right. I was responsible, strong, and independent. My life looked like a success.

But inside, I felt empty, anxious, depleted, and depressed. I went into addictions or constant busyness to try to escape the sea of overwhelm and worry.

Finally, in 2006,I couldn’t just push on and push through anymore. I left my career, my marriage, and moved. I stopped trying to control everything.

In 2007, I started a tutoring business. Having no idea how to make it happen, I took what I knew from the A Course in Miracles and other spiritual teachings, and began applying them.

Within three months, I had acquired an office and full practice, utilizing only one advertisement and no website. I didn’t do things perfectly, and often fell into fear, but I’d learned how to use these 3 Awareness’s to find my way back to peace and let Life lead me where IT wanted me to go.

In 2011, I felt led to start a coaching and healing business. Again, I had no idea how to start, but within a year, I was coaching several clients, teaching classes, had a professional website done for free, and appeared on the local cable channel – twice!

I’ve improved relationships, living conditions, work experiences, all by knowing how to align with my peace.



Transform your life, no matter what your circumstances. When you can consciously choose peace, and you know how to return to it again and again, you create a space for creative ideas, compassionate understanding, loving relationships, flourishing confidence,and clear guidance.

​”Before coaching, I couldn’t see the big picture. There was so much going on I couldn’t see where my focus should be. Coaching gave me clarity and answers. I now know that even though things will happen, I will be strong enough, creative enough, and playful enough to handle it. But I needed to hear it over and over.

It’s about trusting yourself. It was just words until I experienced it.”

Katherina W.

In this program will cover the 3 Awarenesses over 6 weeks. You will learn:

Module 1: Introduction

  • - How we disconnect from ourselves
  • - The 4 R's to get out of overwhelm

Module 2: Awareness of Thought

  • - Practicing non-reaction
  • - Getting past the brain and habitual thinking
  • - Learning how to become present

Module 3: Awareness of Emotion

  • - The antidote to suffering

Module 4: Methods to Move Emotions

  • - Transforming an emotion back to love (what therapy doesn't teach you)

Module 5: Awareness of Heart

  • - What you life is calling you to do
  • - Getting in touch with guidance

Module 6: Roadblocks and Rewards

  • - Putting it all together so you can keep moving forward

In addition:

  • Receive the Fears and Falsehoods PDF Worksheet to uncover hidden fears and beliefs
  • Receive PDF’s with each module to keep track of what you learned
  • Become part of our Peace, Power, and Miracles Facebook group to receive daily inspiration, constant support from me, answers to your questions, and a place to share your own transformations with others on this journey
  • Receive the weekly newsletter with Miracle Monday videos, articles, and guided meditations to help support you.
  • A PDF copy of the book Peace, Power, and Miracles so you have these insights at your fingertips whenever you need inspiration



Not everyone seeks a lasting transformation…

Some people accept the present circumstances…

​And since you’ve found Peace, Power, and Miracles, I don’t think that describes you.

When you reserve your seat for this powerful, transformative experience, I promise you that…


You Will Experience JOY Again.

You Will Experience CONFIDENCE and CLARITY

You Will Break the Chains WORRY and OVERWHELM.

You Will regain PEACE and WELL-BEING in your life.