Moving Through the 4 Stages of Transition


A transition is any experience where we are being asked to let go of something in order to allow something new to enter. Whether that choice was made for us, or we made it ourselves, transitions can often leave us feeling scared, confused, and worried about what to do next.

We scramble to find the answer, fix the problem, or change the situation as fast as we can. This only prolongs the process and the pain. We must learn to honor the transition. It came for a reason, and it is here to move us to our next phase of being- which always brings us more love, more joy, and more fulfillment than we had before.

When we are in a transition phase in our life, there are things we can do to help us move gracefully through it in order to support ourselves and the process. Understanding the four stages of transition can be a reassurance for many of us. It gives us some ground to stand on and a helpful direction to head.

Let this information comfort you that you are heading somewhere meaningful, that there is a purpose behind the transition, and that it’s okay to let go and trust. You will make it through to the other side stronger, more confident and with greater trust in yourself and in your connection to the Universe. You will experience, first hand, the love and support your Creator has for you.