Peace, Power, & Miracles at Synergy Yoga & Wellness


“Intentionally practicing mindfulness, according to Daniel Siegel (2007), rewires, or strengthens, our positive neural circuitry pathways, and optimizes the brain’s dialogue between our thinking and feeling systems. It creates that approach and soothe state toward ourselves and others, even in times of stress, and helps us to find that “sweet spot” of well-being.”

The World of Psychology:

Recent studies show meditation and mindfulness can have a positive impact on stress, anxiety, focus, creativity and even relationships.

But what you may not know is the practice of mindfulness not only help us mentally, emotionally, and physically, but that it is the key to accessing your own spiritual power and intuition.

What stops us then?

Too often our thoughts run on a treadmill of their own. Our time and energy seem limited. And our desire to just “chill out” keeps us from connecting to the greatest source of peace, power, and yes, even miracles, ever provided.

I invite you to a powerful workshop based on the best-selling book, Peace, Power, and Miracles.

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • regain your calm in any condition
  • lift yourself out of panic to peace of mind
  • transform anger and sadness to reclaim a natural state of love and joy
  • access your own inner guidance system to navigate your personal path
  • raise the bar on what’s possible-

And make room for miracles!

“When you discover how to realign with the Power inside of you, through the cultivation of peace, you will trust your guidance to show you the path that is right for you. Miracles will show up in serendipitous ways.

No longer trying to do life on your own, you find yourself being “led” in spite of yourself. And it happens more and more frequently as you practice the path of peace.”

Peace, Power, and Miracles

Join me Saturday, November 11th from 1:30-3:30 at Synergy Yoga & Wellness

111 Caldwell St, Ste 101, Rock Hill, SC 29730.

Learn how to incorporate the art of mindfulness and miracles into your life!