• Relax into the Unknown

    When I first had the inspiration to start a tutoring business, and later, a spiritual coaching business, I had no idea where to begin. The more I learned, the more overwhelmed I became by all the hoops I needed to jump through in order to make this thing happen. After which, I’d run for the nearest piece of dark chocolate and glass of red wine. I wanted to hide. I wanted to escape and just say, “No, God, I’m not doing it. Go ask somebody else!”

    What was really stopping me was self-doubt and fear of the unknown. After all, I didn’t know the first thing about running a business, I’d been an elementary school teacher for the past 12 years. The idea was nice, but the mountain seemed too steep and the altitude too high to catch a breath.

    There were so many unknowns. So many things I had no idea how to do or even what to do. When I really thought about it, my nervous system would become completely overloaded and my mind would spin in a panic like a top. Finally, I’d fall down and collapse in my meditation chair, exhausted, and cry. But it was at those times of complete befuddlement that I was most humbled. And it was those times of complete breakdown, I’d remember and hear the truth.

    “True prayer is a recalling of divine memory and transform that divine memory to a present moment experience. Divine memories arise to replace perception. This is miracle mindedness.”

    A Course of Love

    I’d remember the past when I didn’t have a place to live and God pointed me toward a house – the only one I desired to check into – and found a young woman seeking a roommate, but who later became a much needed friend.

    I remembered when I desired a job and, out of the blue, I was asked by the man working on the house’s siding, “Do you need a job?” Two days later, I began keeping company for a gentle woman paralyzed from the waist down, away from her family and friends, so she could see a renowned chiropractor in Charlotte. I think I was the only person she confided in of her fears while we spoke of faith.

    I remembered when at the darkest time in my marriage, facing yet another unknown, I questioned God about the point of giving up my own goals, and heard an audible voice reply, “What would you be giving up, except pain?” while an explosion of love shot through my body.

    Touchstones remind you of the truth.

    And in the stillness of my chair – away from the noise- I remembered these touchstones and found a reassurance in my heart. It was this reassurance that gave me the courage to continue.

    I didn’t need to know what to do, I needed to remove myself and go to my “tree-house” away from it all to listen to the still small voice. Sometimes I’d get an inspiration, sometimes it was just my next best idea. It didn’t seem to matter. Once I began seeking Presence, instead of control, grace parted the waters one step at a time.

    I tell you this story to remind you of the truth. You are created by One Power – the infinite and unlimited. There is nothing else. When we seek this inner Power’s presence, the temporal powers of this world can no longer harm us. We are now under the law of Grace. Not by might, or by power, but by grace.

    So what do you do when fear takes over our minds and races our hearts?

    • We get still and go to our treetops. That means we remove ourselves to a place we can feel safe from the world for a bit. This could be a bedroom, on the porch swing, or in the woods. Wherever the voices of the world can be shut away, even if it’s just closing our own eyes.
    • We give ourselves the gift of feeling that safety in that moment and be still.
    • We remember the Presence. We can do this through a past memory, a current blessing, or just the sensation of the sacred within us.
    • We ask to see the truth and rest in the safety. Then we do whatever we may feel inspired to do, feel joyful about doing, or maybe it’s just our best next idea.
    • We stay in the day, let the chips fall where they may, and trust the Presence is leading us to greater gifts. Our experience tells us this. Now we can remind ourselves.

    You’ll know when you are beginning to be lifted above the human mind when you find yourself relaxing more and more into an inner assurance that in this Presence is divine grace, there are no other powers but Love.

    Trust Life is Leading You to Your Good

    Finding Clarity in the Moment

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