• Self-Acceptance, the Key to Confidence


    “Step into it”, he says.

    I sip my coffee and say nothing. For a few days, I’d been vacillating between really standing in my power and cowering in my not enough-ness. One minute, I’m standing tall, full of power and poise, and the next, I’m having difficulty remembering why I started this journey in the first place.

    “Step into it,” he says again. My friend knows something. He knows the gifts we receive from God aren’t chosen, they are given. And he also knows what A Course of Love reiterates over and over, you must first accept your unity with your Divine nature.

    I was speaking at an Author Empowerment Showcase, and on this particular day I didn’t feel completely on my game. I’d been doing a lot of new things in my business and was feeling those old insecurities arise. As I sat in my seating, waiting to be called, I felt lukewarm inside. Not exactly the on-fire energy I’d hoped for when giving an inspiring talk.

    But then I remembered what my friend had said and what real self-acceptance means. It’s not just accepting ourselves and our emotions in any moment, though that is definitely part of it.

    REAL self-acceptance is the acceptance that we are one with God. We are one with Source. We are one with Love and therefore need no other credentials to become good enough. Our gifts are our gifts, without shame or explanation.

    I’ve heard this a lot, but now I acted upon it. In that moment, I could go up to the podium and come from my personality self, the self who was accepting she felt lukewarm and just do my best. OR, I could go deeper and accept my SELF as the voice of the Greater Power within.

    I could accept myself as the inexhaustible outlet for an unlimited Source of which I am innately a part. I don’t have to “try” at this. I AM It.

    And so, when my turn came, I let go of any weariness, fear, or not-enoughness I was identifying with inside and acknowledged to myself I am THAT Power. I didn’t need a pep-talk, I just needed to accept the Unlimited Source of Love is who I really am. Within certainty, lies true confidence.

    I don’t have to be great. I don’t have to try and be great. I can be myself. I can be real. And I can trust the Power will come through me because It is the blood that runs through me.

    And so I did. As soon as I got to the podium, my weariness left, my body lifted tall, and my words gained momentum as they rolled out to the audience. All I knew in my gut to be true about trusting the Voice inside to guide us in Its plan for our life was met with nodding heads and focused eyes.

    I didn’t need to build up my confidence, I only had to accept the truth. I was one with the Source of Love. And it is in this Power that I walk.

    “Choice is not the choice of continuous decision making, but the choice to live by the truth.”

                    A Course of Love


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