• Space is Necessary for the New to Enter


    I know, I know. In a world that values action, inaction can seem like self-sabotage. At the very least, it feels incredibly wrong and indicative of losing out in some way. Inaction is uncomfortable. It makes us squirm and worry over what we’re not doing or should be doing or are doing wrong.

    Oh, we love it when the unexpected opportunity moves into our lives out of the blue. We rejoice in the Universe and the amazing, magical forces that swoop in any time good fortune blows our way.

    What we don’t like is staring at an empty space while worrying about what we should do next. Usually, this kind of space occurs after something has recently left our lives. It may be a relationship, a home, a job, a project, a child, a dream, or anything that had been filling up our time and attention.

    The problem is now we have nothing to put our attention onto except this empty space. We stare out into this barren field of our lives and wonder what we’re supposed to put there. But we’re so busy trying to come up with an idea of how to fill it, we lose out on discovering what it wants to become.

    In quantum physics, there is the term referred to as “the field”. In this field is energy and light that carries information. It’s a higher frequency of energy, therefore, carrying higher information, i.e. higher than what we are currently thinking.  When we tap into this field, and start “listening” to it through our feelings, more information is revealed and the higher our own frequency rises.

    What does this have to do with you and the empty space before you? Right now, it looks like empty space, but the truth is it is fertile ground. Your job is to just “be” with it.  Make it welcome by not forcing solutions but getting more comfortable with discomfort. When the time is right, when your own frequency has naturally risen because you’ve kept an open mind and trusted this Divine Intelligence while waiting for more to be made known, then the next step is shown to you.

    As Einstein said, “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Therefore, before you can expand into a bigger, more expanded version of you, you must first raise to a new level of consciousness. This requires space. And often times, healing.

    Right before I wrote Peace, Power, and Miracles, I went through a depression that felt like I was drowning. I got the sense I had to “lose my life” and the image of drowning was a way of surrendering to the unknown. I was scared and uncertain of whether I should close my business or not. The following month in March of 2016, I received an invitation through Linked In to become part of a Transformational Summit. Part of the package was they would help guide me through the publishing process. Long story short, I ended up giving three talks in April and writing Peace, Power, and Miracles in June and July, feeling so much gratitude and joy in my life – 180 degrees difference from how I’d been feeling six months prior.

    It wasn’t the first time, and isn’t the last time, I’ve had to go through a period of “actively waiting” in order to heal and transform to the next level of inspired action.

    Space isn’t about emptiness, it’s about abundance. It’s about unchartered territory. It’s about discovery of something much larger than you. When you think of our celestial space, think how vast, how powerful, and how incredibly intelligent it is in its perfection. THAT’S the space that is holding you now.

    Empty space is no longer something to run away from, but something to welcome you home.

    What can help:

    • Give yourself permission to “not do” if the energy isn’t there.
    • Be curious and pay attention to what feels good or brings relief. Often, it’s small things like a cup of coffee with a good friend or sitting on the porch watching the sunset. Whatever it is, make time for those things. They will nurture you and help you stay “out of time” for a bit.
    • Acknowledge all you have in your world today, and enjoy the simple gift of being alive. Don’t try to make life more meaningful than that.
    • Know this time will pass and there will be movement again. Stay in “just for today.”

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    Trust Life is Leading You to Your Good

    You Can Only Receive in This Moment

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