• Take the Pressure Off Of Planning

    Sometimes, I hate calendars. At first, planning things out on the calendar feels so empowering. Finally, I’m getting my life together! A part of me actually likes seeing my month packed with activities and events. I giddily look at my color-coded days and think, look how much I’m doing! Later, however, the euphoria leaks out of my balloon and giddy turns to disgust.

    Part of my brain argues, logically so, that if I want such and such, then x, y, and z need to happen. After all, that’s what everyone says. It’s what the experts tell us. If that’s true, then why does it feel so heavy?

    The Course of Love says, “You are used to thinking that if you do not have a tangible goal, such as that of music lessons or the purchase of a piano, you will never reach the goals associated with those tangible steps.” (T2:1.13)

    The idea of goals and planning is a learned belief, usually involving determination and struggle. As if dark circles and weary bodies were somehow badges of honor to proudly display as a sign of how hard we worked. Now, this sounds insane, even to me.

    But there’s another way – it’s the way of communion. Once we accept we don’t have to do Life on our own, but have a Source inside of us ready to direct our path, we can let go of the planning, the goal setting, and simply be present with what’s getting our attention today. The Course of Love reinforces this. “Thoughts joined in unity create without goals or planning, without effort or struggle.” (T2:1.13)

    Sounds nice, huh? But does it work? It does if you can get out of your head, off your calendar, and listen to your heart. Whatever you feel energized to do that day becomes your focus. And it will lead you to your goal, or an even better one. The point is to trust what you hear, not what you assume you know.

    Now, the head may argue you’ve got to adhere to the plan, or that goal won’t happen. I no doubt you will reach your goal by putting your plans in place and “forcing” yourself to follow them. But I also know you would have reached that goal or something better with a lot more joy and a lot less effort had you the courage to follow your heart instead. This doesn’t mean your heart is going to have you go shopping instead of working on the computer. In fact, you will feel eager to be on the computer if that’s what your heart is desiring. It will feel good to you!

    This morning, my head told me I need to work on my new book. But my heart wanted to revisit and edit the previous one, Peace, Power, and Miracles. I felt energized and peaceful thinking of bettering its writing to connect more with my readers. So that is what I focused upon. Now, it’s 4:00pm and I’m writing this blog, something I also wanted to do, then I’ll go off to do a bit of grocery shopping before seeing some friends for a cookout. My to-do list isn’t complete according to my head, but my heart is deeply satisfied, and I am content.

    The proof will always be in the way you feel while you are doing. You accomplish what was needed that day, and let go of the rest. The Universe knows where you need to be and the best way for you to get there.

    Does it take trust? Yes. Courage? Absolutely. But in the end, it’s not what you do that matters, it’s who you are being while you are doing. And sometimes, it’s who you are becoming while you are doing that is the greater prize.

    Listen to your heart today, I dare you to trust in miracles.

    You Can Only Receive in This Moment

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