• The Gift Everyone’s Dying Over

     It’s the one gift everyone wants, and people will go to any length to get it. In fact, they are literally dying over it.

    They will rush for it, grab for it, sacrifice for it, twist themselves into knots to get it, act out of guilt over it, and take on resentments to have it. They will cause themselves all kinds of stress in order to get this one thing they must have. (Stress is the number one cause of disease in our nation).

    The one thing they won’t do is give themselves permission to receive it.

    But now you can.

    What’s the one thing everyone wants?


    happiness blog picture

    Happiness may be an overused, bubble gum, “pie in the sky” type of word, but when you say it aloud, admit it, you’re heart says, “yes, I want to be happy.” We all want it.

    It’s not the money, it’s not a thinner body, it’s not a true love we really want.  These are only the means in which we decide we can now be happy.

    And yet, in every moment, we get to decide if we will allow our circumstances to define a moment for us, or if we will decide how we want to live in this moment.

    That’s not to say we won’t feel pressure to get things done, tired because we may have put more on our plates than we can handle, sad because someone we love (including ourselves) is going through a hard time, or scared because there’s an unknown factor facing our lives.

    Happiness doesn’t ask us to negate the moment. It’s not asking us to pretend a situation doesn’t exist. That’s called resistance, and it never feels good to run from a situation we are facing.

    What happiness does ask is that we look at what’s before us, admit it may not be the way we wanted it to go or know we don’t have the answers right now and then radically give ourselves permission to feel good anyway! 

    The circumstances of our lives do not need to dictate whether we allow ourselves to enjoy the moment we’re in. In fact, it’s when we are NOT in the moment but caught in a future moment, or thinking we shouldn’t be in the moment we’re in, that the mind will want to judge our circumstances and tell us all the reasons why it’s  “bad”.

    The reality is just by accepting where you are and choosing to allow yourself to feel good in spite of any circumstances or fears, you raise your own energy to a kinder, more loving place. And THAT changes not only how you see your circumstances, but also allows space for the circumstances themselves to change because you have let go.

    This holiday season, give yourself the best gift of all, just let yourself feel good – let yourself be happy, no matter who or what is telling you you shouldn’t. And in return, you will notice others receiving the magical gift you have given to yourself – happiness.

    You are safe, you are loved, you are led- always!

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